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The Top Five Incredible Features of Windows 10

Windows 10

With the advent of Windows 10 looming in our near future, and we get to be free from the Windows 8 travesty that blocked our systems for long enough. So the problem company has the cure too. Microsoft formally admits that its vision of blending a single interface for both tablets and desktop computers was nothing short of awful too.

Now we have the opportunity to launch Windows 10 on our systems in place of the problem—making Windows 8. What’s more, Windows 10 is free for users running Windows 7 and the upgraded versions 8.0 and 8.1 which is fantastic for home users although enterprise users will have to shell out extra bucks for using the enterprise edition. This is one way that the company is apologising for the Windows 8 failure!

Here we discuss the five most incredible features of Windows 10 that are sure to lure users from the word go.

Start Menu is back!

Windows 10 Start Menu

There were many Windows Users who absolutely hated the fact that Microsoft decided to kill the Start Menu in its previous version. Users were accustomed to the Start button for accessing a wide range of software and now it was out!

Microsoft has brought the Start button back in the update but the users were again pissed off with the tiles that the button redirected to the location.

The new Start screen has shrunken down and also merged with the familiar Start elements and it is recognizable to say the least. Most users will love having the Start menu back.

Edge Browser

Edge Browser

Gone are the days of the Internet Explorer. Many people do not even use it. Finally Microsoft is doing away with the browser and launching a new one.

Windows 10 marks the period of transition from IE to the Microsoft Edge browser. Analysts have stated that it is faster, sleeker, and not Internet Explorer in any way.

By just tossing the old browser out, Microsoft is surely getting the ire of people who still rely on the old browser. But surely, the move will leave Edge as the successor.



Apple’s introduction of Siri prompted the major rivals to create something more and the baby Cortana emerged from the Microsoft stable. Cortana is though very useful since it has fantastic options and voice recognition ability that is unmatched in today’s technology standards.

Confining Cortana to Windows Phone platform means that less people have access to it. But with the new Windows 10 launch, Cortana will be accessible to billions of users who will finally understand the true brilliance of the voice-controlled virtual assistant in its true avatar.

Continuum Mode


 Microsoft insists that users would always prefer one operating system for both desktop computers and tablets. Windows 10 though will optimize the interface based on the machine. The Continuum mode allows users to switch between two different interfaces easily and most hybrid devices like Microsoft Surface would be better for users with the feature.

Snap Assist will help users to snap windows

Snap Assist

A new Snap Assist feature will aid users to snap apps to, in the best possible way according to preferences. One can snap windows to new screens and even tile them if you prefer it. It should be Windows 2.0 or 3.0 based on the feature here.

In Conclusion,

Windows 10 is the biggest update from the Microsoft world in a long time and it will be evident if the company still has the chops to understand its users and introduce features that are way ahead of its time. It is time to welcome the new, and give away the old.