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The Top Five Ultrabooks of 2016 that Stand out from the Rest!

The Top Five Ultrabooks of 2016

An Ultrabook is one high-end laptop that needs to deliver on a huge battery life; a portable and fantastic design; and enough juice within to meet business and gaming needs. Ultrabooks have been storming the market in recent years with alarming regularity and the popularity means that they are here to stay in spite of the influx of tablets and smartphones.

Here are the top five ultrabooks that have hit the market this year:

1. HP Spectre 13

HP Spectre 13

HP Spectre 13 blends design and technology with several artisan materials and brilliant craftsmanship. The design includes 10.4mm of thin exterior and with the gadget boasting of impressive performance, here is one of world’s luxurious laptops that is completely unique.

The ultrabook is made of carbon fiber and aluminum while the two-tone finish is a study in the beauty of contrast. And with Gorilla Glass, the Spectre is finished with a durable, scratch resistant display that brings visuals alive on screen. The backlit keyboard, the trackpad, and other parts boast of high-end furniture details while the artfully-crafted piston hinge nearly gives a strong hingeless look.

The system’s hyperbaric cooling system draws in cool air to keep the processor running at optimal performance. With a 8GB RAM, Bang and Olufsen Audio Speakers, nine hours of battery life, HP Spectre 13 delivers on its promise.

2. Apple’s 12-inch Macbook

Apple’s 12-inch Macbook

The 12-inch MacBook is a great beast with immense performance and battery life, while keeping the light premium body intact. The high-resolution display and outstanding trackpad of the Apple machines remain the gold standard and a plethora of colour options add to the charm. It does have a single USB-C port although the shallow keyboard will not please many for long-form typing.

With some subtle improvements, the updated Apple MacBook is just about some tweaks away from being the best in the market. There is a sizable boost to performance and battery life and would still be retained by Mac lovers who would value portability over some high-end productivity.

3. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15

The XPS 15 combines outstanding display resolution and vibrance in color in its touch display with excellent results. It also boasts of crisp, sharp detailing and a rich palette that is required for editing photos and design with Full HD and even on 4K. Dell XPS 15 is also known for its wide viewing angle and an eye-catching display that will floor you too.

The incredible detail in display technology, along with the IGZO2 panel featuring the UltraSharp™ 4K Ultra HD is one of a kind. It is actually seven times the resolution of standard HD which can enable users to zoom in for great detail.

Powered by 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, these are powerful and power-efficient machines with an optional NVIDIA® GeForce graphics card for a faster performance.

4. Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft’s Surface Book is anything but a luxury item with a terrific GPU under the keyboard and a glorious machine that can get you the performance you desire. With a beautiful, high-resolution screen, a GeForce graphics card option, Skylake dual-core processors and exceptional battery life, here is a winner ultrabook for everyone. The removable display and the pen are the goodies here.

Performance is near to the best and with graphics loads and incredible video-accelerated encoding support, Microsoft Surface Book is the best in class.

Though it is pricey compared to the other ultrabooks with a price higher than $1500, here is a beautiful laptop that’ll preferred by those who literally can have what they need.

5. Asus Zenbook UX305

Asus UX 305 Zenbook

The Asus ZenBook UX305 delivers on most counts with a thin yet robust aluminum body, 9 hours of battery life, and a smart intel Core M CPU all in a package. Priced at just about $699, this ultrabook has it all with a 256GB SSD, and can be said to be the best ultrabook at a low price. It does not have a lousy screen and although it does not have a backlit keyboard, it is one of the thinnest ultrabooks in the market and not at all ugly and plastic in anyway.