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Top Five Tech Blunders of 2014

There are more than ten major product launches everyday which catches the eye of a common man by virtue of the product itself, the company behind the product, smart marketing of the product or the overall good it does to the human race. Just like more and more content is pushed every minute to the world wide web, only the selective content makes way to the top of the stack similarly the products which are genuinely unique and makes sense to the people prevails and the rest are criticised publicly or are forgotten in a blink of the eye.

iCloud Leak

2014 was a tough year for Apple Inc., as there were major technology blunders from the Cupertino based technology giant including #Bendgate, #iOS8.0.1 and #iCloudLeak , iCloud Leak being the biggest blunder from Apple. Yes, we love Jennifer Lawrence, I mean who doesn’t but the whole world was shocked when nude pictures of celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco were leaked online from their iCloud account and it was embarrassing for the celebrities who were scrutinised for having such pics on their personal mobile to which they had to answer uncomfortable questions. It was more of a password hack from some mastermind and we cannot blame Apple for the same but it still flagged many questions on data security of Apple.

Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire phone undoubtedly has to be the biggest tech blunder of the year. I still remember how people were eagerly waiting for the Amazon Fire phone, but when it was launched the reality did not match with the dream which was shown by Amazon. The Fire phone did not showcase anything new and it was just one more smartphone with apps to be bought from Amazon’s app store which has their own OS. The phone was on the heavier side and the battery life was sad too. Amazon missed a trick by not even pricing the phone smartly, keeping the price higher than the iPhone which lead to the downfall of the Fire phone. Amazon is looking to cover up and coming with Fire Phone 2, which we think should be better and priced smartly.

Google Glass

I was waiting for Google Glass to be launched worldwide in 2014 and would see people showing off their Google Glass, even if they did not know how it functions just because they have the money to buy one. But, nothing considerate happened in that scenario and Google Glass was tagged as one of the major tech blunders of the year. Suddenly, the assumed biggest technological wonder to be, was turned into the biggest failure of the year. Google, taking preventive measures, delayed the launch date of their super product to give some more time to their team to make it more appealing to the customers. Now, can we claim that this would be Google’s year and they will finally make the glass, a hit among the masses.

Firefox Mobile

One of the major reasons for Firefox Mobile to be successful was to impress the users of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy phones among other major branded phones. But, the Firefox OS is not as efficient as iOS and Android when it comes to mobile. The design of the mobile device is a huge let down and most of the specs are provided by major brands, so why would one want to own a Firefox mobile? Mozilla’s sales pitch played around the point that mobile users need an OS which is more open source, because Android’s code is not available to the users. But the question arises, Is more open source better for mobile?

Facebook Slingshot

The last of the top five biggest tech blunders comes from none other than the Social Media giant Facebook. Facebook Slingshot, which was once termed as the strongest competitor of ephemeral messaging app SnapChat is no more in action. Facebook launched three apps last year, Slingshot was one of them. Through Slingshot, one could easily sling a picture to a friend on Facebook before he had opened the photo sent to him. The app didn’t work and it was a big blunder for a multi-billion dollar company like Facebook.

So, these were the top five biggest tech blunders of 2014 according to us. If you list includes other big names, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section below.