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Top Five Predictions For CES 2016 – The Ones That Will Make The Most Impression!

CES 2016

CES is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 3600 companies will be showcasing their best offerings to the world.

Star Wars Refrigerators

Star Wars Refrigerators

George Lucas will never have expected this. The beloved robot from Star Wars series is now in the form of a fridge that can deliver drinks to you on the couch. Haier Asia’s AQUA is in works with a remote controlled fridge that will be made on the design of the droid sidekick. The fridge has flashing lights and sounds and can even roll all around the house fetching 12 cans inside its shell at a time to deliver while you rest on a chair. The fridge is meant for those who have gazillions of money and is a Star Wars fan.

You can even spend your bucks on a mini fridge, modelled on Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. This non-mobile fridge can handle 18 cans of soda and is available for $150.

iCuisine Kitchen Tools


iCuisine presents a huge range of kitchen gadgets that are embedded with sensors for detecting varied measures of food quality and state. The statistics and readings can be sent to a smartphone or electronic device via Bluetooth for analysis and results.

The tools are bifurcated into Weight, Temperature and Food Conservation. There are various tools under the canopy including a mixing bowl which can read the temperature and a cutting board which can weight food items simultaneously. The Silicone Spatula, Silicone Laden, Whisk and Oven Box are all used to fulfil their default functions while measuring the temperature of the dish in question.

The operations can be handled through a mobile application. The app also houses thousands of recipes to choose from for cooking with the respective kitchen tools.

Huawei Honor 5X

Huawei Honor 5X

Huawei’s spin-off Honor 5X is rumoured to be released during the CES 2016 event. The expected specifications include a metal smartphone with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, 13-megapixel rear camera, powered by a sizeable Snapdragon 616 processor inside. The phone is expected to feature a fingerprint sensor on the rear. The pricing is expected to be in the range of $160 for the basic version that will have 2GB of RAM. The higher priced model priced at $220 will have 3GB of RAM.

One might even expect the advent of the unusual Honor 7i which features a flip-round camera lens at the CES event or the 20 megapixel Honor 7. But no news has been around in this regard.

LG WebOS 3.0

LG WebOS 3.0

LG will soon be ushering a new version of WebOS, which is an operating system floated by LG on its smart TVs. LG is expected to launch webOS 3.0 to the CES event and then introduce it to its TV lineup for the rest of the year. webOS 3.0 packs in multiple features to modernize the TVs, trying to ward off competition from cheaper set-top boxes which are becoming more popular in the market.

WebOS 3.0 will help users to split the screen into two different channels, run by two different sources too. One can use LG’s Music Player app through the speakers keeping the TV display off. Also, LG smart appliances could be controlled by the company’s IoTV app.

Toyota’s Automated Driving Invention

Toyota’s Automated Driving Invention

Toyota will soon bring camera-equipped production vehicles on road. An automatic driving and detection system is expected to be in place to gather road images and accurate vehicle positional information. The relevant data will be relayed to data centres for connection, correction and updates with the help of high precision road maps.

Toyota’s newly developed system makes use of cloud-based spatial information generation technology for delivering precision road image data sourced from diverse user vehicles and data banks. Three-dimensional laser scanners are used instead of only cameras with mitigation of positional errors possible with the help of accurate image matching technologies and high precision trajectory estimation technologies. The system will be used soon on all roads based on its success on expressways.

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