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Top Five Must-Have Wireless Charging Gadgets to Buy in 2016

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging gadgets have stormed the market nowadays, leveraging the popularity of the devices that have made sense to the tech geeks and non-techies alike. For the current smartphone generation, wireless charging is cool and a useful attribute, especially with minimal tangled wires.

1) Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is a stylish accessory that helps you charge Galaxy smartphones easily along with many of Qi-compatible devices, It is a wireless accessory which means that you do not have to plug your device into a wall charger and do not even have to remove your Samsung cover to charge.

The setup of the product is simple. One can just start using the pad, by plugging in the included travel charger, pop the compatible device on the pad, and get ready for the lightning fast charging ability.

The device also has audio and visual status indicators on each of the gadgets one uses to charge. One also gets an indicator when the battery is filled to capacity.

2) WattUp


WattUp delivers on the wire-free power giving the freedom to roam without having to worry about the mobile or any of the battery powered devices to go out of charge. You can receive a charge from even a 30-foot charging envelope too.

Any device that requires less than 10 watts can be charged with the device. Its RF-based charging can be used to charge varied electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras, keyboards, headsets, sensors, and the like. The WattUp transmitter sends energy through the radio frequency (RF) signals to WattUp-enabled devices and converts signals into battery power.

The software system ensures that the waveforms are focused via proprietary algorithms and communication between all the transmitters and receivers is efficiently and intelligently managed.

3) FurniQi Wireless Charging Table

FurniQi Wireless Charging Table

FurniQi is actually a simple bamboo side table that doubles as a wireless charging platform. One just has to place your phone on the table for charging. After the process is over, just pick it up and leave.

The smart furniture is actually compatible with several devices and is made of Mao Zhu Bamboo that is sustainable material thus making it a worthy addition to eco-friendly inventions.

FurniQi comes with a smart caramel-colored USB cable, which is aligned with the look of the table. One can use multiple USB wall adapters or different power sources including QiStone+.

The system is resistant to problems and robustly designed for daily use.
Its lasered impression indicates the right charging spot and easy to use at night.

4) Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow is a unique wireless charging system that includes no wires and no connectors absolutely. One just has laid the smartphone on the pillow to get it recharged wirelessly.

The charging pillows are stylish and come in different colours. It is targeted for the youth and branded by the Fatboy designer furniture brand.

5) Ikea Nordmarke Wireless Charging Pad

Ikea Nordmarke Wireless Charging Pad

Ikea Nordmarke Wireless charging pad is a $65 charging pad solution is a comprehensive charging solution including three spots for charging purposes. It also has a USB port to charge with a standard Micro USB. The device can fit in with any decor since it is white or available in birch wood. The charging process is quick and the device itself is unobtrusive. It can be rubberized for better grip.

A tiny LED indicates that the power is on. In the case of an error, it will start flashing. A cable and AC adapter is included with the pad, which is actually bulky and made of white plastic. It is ideal for busy households. There is a single pad version ($28) too which includes a USB port output.


With the popularity of wireless chargers and their reducing prices, any smartphone lover would prefer to use one of these chargers as a hassle-free charging solution.