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Top Five Innovations at CES 2016 that Deserve the Plaudits!

CES 2016

CES 2016 has recently been in full swing with multiple innovations on board from thousands of companies. Here are five of the important breakthroughs that have made a huge impression and deserve kudos to thinking forward.

LG’s Rollable Display

LG Rollable OLED Panel

LG Display presented a prototype 18-inch screen at CES 2016 that could roll up like a digital newspaper. The forward-looking OLED work had rollable, and curving displays that was first in the works, last year.

With the likes of Sony and Samsung competing in the arena, LG has boosted the idea of futuristic displays with other innovative smartphones and TVs making the rounds. LG is mulling the use of wrapped screens fitting pockets or rolled up interior spaces. LG is also showing off a 25-inch curved screen within a car in the automobiles section.



A Google Science Fair innovation, Sensorwake gives a unique take to alarms with no more ear-splitting noises or shrill ringtones waking you up but admirably smart scents. Now one can wake up with a sense of freshness owing to a personalized and gentle wake-up call that will jet-set the day like never before!

Our selection of scents aim to refresh mornings like never before. The scents are produced in France and adhere to the standards set by the most demanding air quality organizations. The scents available with Sensorwake are Croissant, expresso, chocolate, and pepper mint.

Sensorwake is REACH Certified and CARB Certified which means it is completely healthy, eco-friendly, and recyclable.

Ehang 184 Drone

Ehang 184 Drone

Chinese drone maker Ehang Inc. revealed the world’s first drone that will be able to carry a human with it! Ehang 184 was launched during the CES 2016 gadget show and resembles a small helicopter with four doubled propellers that lifts off on a parallel level from the ground.

The drone is large enough to carry a single human passenger and can be charged in two hours only. It is capable enough to fly for 23 minutes and can carry about 220 pounds which means an average human can take a backpack, a reading light and an AC with him. It can also fit into a parking lot meant for a single car. “Take off” and “Land,” are two commands through which one can control the drone or by a click on a Surface tablet. The drone can fly high enough to about 1,000 to 1,650 feet above the ground with a limit of 11,500 feet and an unprecedented velocity for a drone of about 63 miles per hour. Ehang co-founder and CFO, Shang Hsiao revealed the price in the range of $200,000 to $300,000.

Volkswagen Magic Bus

Volkswagen BUDD-e

Volkswagen officially unveiled its new car concept at CES in Las Vegas with an all-electric green machine called the BUDD-e. VW of course is trying to regain lost trust with a terrific idea of an all-electric car with no emissions whatsoever. The BUDD-e is a new entry into a whole family of battery-powered cars like the Audi Q6 e-tron.

The hardware includes a fast-charge facility that allows the car to travel more than 250 miles after charging it for 30 minutes. It can zip through 0-60 in just under seven seconds and its fastest speed is recorded at around 112 mph.

Samsung Smart Fridge

Samsung Smart Fridge

Samsung has revealed smart appliances at the CES 2016 but the Family Hub Refrigerator is unlike any. Here is a $5,000 smart fridge which has a huge built-in touchscreen to control the temperature of the refrigerator.

The Family Hub Refrigerator is one of the most compelling appliances for the smart home. It looks striking with its immense 21.5-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen panel that shines automatically whenever proximity sensors detect you are near the fridge. The fridge has a set of intuitive cameras within the inner door frame that snaps a picture of the groceries. You can check the pictures through the Samsung app to check whether or not you need some more things to be stored in it.