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Top Five Food Delivery Services from the Near Future

Google Express - Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Services are becoming a rage worldwide. With food delivery becoming an important part of our lives, the big players in the mobile app market and internet services companies are gearing up for some innovation on a local, national and international level.

Here are the top five food delivery services, one can expect to storm the near future:

Google Express

Google is known for its ubiquitous presence from PCs to mobiles to watches, search to business. Now, it is all set to enter kitchens with delivery of food and groceries with its e-retail venture with partnership with discount retail giant Costco.

The US multinational is expected to start testing a delivery service in two prime US cities. Whole Foods Market Inc., which boasts of its organic and premium grocery selections and Costco Wholesale Corp., one of the largest discount retailers of US will aid Google’s initiative as partners for the new service.

Dry foods is already being delivered to customers by Google Express. The latest foray into food delivery is expected to boost Google in the online grocery shopping industry which is pegged to be a $10.9 billion industry in US alone.


UberEats App

Uber has been adding markets for its UberEATS meal delivery service and has quickly ramped up its service quickly within some months. It has also posted some job openings related to the same indicating that the ride-hailing company is setting itself up for a brand new and broad expansion into restaurant delivery business. Based on job descriptions, it is expected that UberEats will scale its service to six more U.S. cities including Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and others.

With its quick foray into nine markets, UberEats is capitalizing on the strong word of mouth and a booming industry to drive revenue and profits out of the roof.

Amazon PrimeNow

Amazon PrimeNow

Amazon rolled out its AmazonFresh service recently in several US cities and as major reports suggest, it’s service has the lowest-cost among rivals. Amazon is already taking a huge chunk of business derived from online groceries. Now, it will also start its own restaurant delivery service in Seattle, making a strong push in the increasingly crowded market for meal delivery services.

Amazon customers now can order food from different restaurants in Seattle with the Prime Now app. The service promises one and two-hour delivery of thousands of products, thus adding value to its annual $99 Prime membership programme. About 40 million Prime members are expected to gain from the new service, worldwide.

Groupon To Go

Groupon To Go

OrderUp’s acquisition by Groupon lands the daily deals pioneer in direct competition with GrubHub, the food delivery giant and helps the company to expand to new horizons.

Groupon announced plans to launch a food delivery service with Groupon To Go in Chicago. With 500 restaurants piloted since March 2015, Groupon To Go saves a lot of money for customers in the form of instant cash back on food orders at top eateries in the city.

With Groupon To Go, the company is giving consumers an easy way to save money and with hundreds of the best restaurants in deals with Groupon—consumers are in a win-win situation.

Following Chicago, the service is expected to expand into other major metros. OrderUp will continue as Groupon’s delivery presence in most of the midsized markets.

Foursquare’s GrubHub Delivery

Foursquare’s GrubHub

As other companies are revving up their own delivery service, Seamless and GrubHub have partnered with Foursquare to increasing the convenience for consumers. Now one can order delivery from restaurants, on various mobile platforms of the Foursquare app.

One can order food from 20,000 restaurants that are contained within the GrubHub Seamless umbrella. Participating restaurants will be able to use “Order Delivery” a menu item alongside the location of the restaurant. One can choose any cuisine through Foursquare. Previously, one had to order food from GrubHub through

With the rising number of food delivery services in place, one can actually get food any time at their own convenience, irrespective of the provider!