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The Top 5 Wireless Earbuds that are Quite Efficient than AirPods

Here One Earbuds

After Apple launching the new iPhone 7, there was a lot of buzz about its AirPod earphones. Keeping this in mind, several companies have tried to give an option to this Bluetooth in-ear bud. It is a great challenge to maintain the stereo connection as well as to carry the weight of it.

Plenty of companies has tried and tested to come out with beautiful wireless earbuds from January at CES. They got help from Kickstarter and Indiegogo funders and as far its reliability is concerned, we can’t predict it so soon. All these earbuds use Bluetooth to connect to a music source and include a special battery for getting charged. Some of them have special features built in it and deliver fine-tuning with the aural environment.

Here is a list of some of the top 5 wireless ear buds, which have made an impact in the market with its compatibility and performance.

1. Doppler Labs Here One

Here One is the first and original wireless listening system with two smart buds that are connected with an app. Like its predecessors, the Here One has multiple processors to help identify background noise and can create ambient filters enhancing sounds around you. These wireless ear buds are also safe to use while riding a bike because it doesn’t isolate you from the live environment around you. It learns your preferences and adjusts according to your personal Listening Profile. For a price of $ 299 which will be shipped in November, the Here One is a truly a combo pack of next gen noise cancelling and music streaming features.

2. Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash is a dream in ear bud that is inserted connected to a music player wirelessly, proving to be a boon for music lovers. With waterproof feature and support for A2DP devices, it is all and all an awesome wireless earbud. You even have the freedom to create customized interaction and activate all the music features with just a swipe. With audio transparency, there is a filter to avoid ambient sounds. The earbud can speak four new languages – Chinese, French, German and Spanish, which can be utilized in Apple watches or Google Fit wearables. This device is retailed for $299, which is costly than its counterparts but one can hope that owing to its quality and performance, people may prefer to buy it.

3. Samsung Gear IconX

gear iconx earbuds

A functional fitness tracker with wireless earbuds and possibly the smallest music player is truly a dream come true.  Certainly, Samsung has created a multi-function standalone product – the Gear IconX – that has touch-friendly operations with a water-resistant feature on top too. This fitness earphone can add up your list with several songs and you’re never left stranded without those training motivation songs thus making your extensive workout sessions, a fun ride. You even get to hear voice prompts that guide you to reject calls or tune on the ambient sound mode. These earbuds can sync with all the Health devices or fitness techs. The battery life is estimated at 3- hours on its own and are available now on the Samsung website for $199.

4. FireFlies Earbuds

FireFlies Earbuds

FireFlies Earbuds are meant to be experienced wire-free, stereo audio for hours. These tiny earbuds fit securely and comfortably in your ear and are safe to use even in most extreme conditions. You can play and use this device up to 3 straight hours on just one charge. It also comes with locking wings that are used to secure the earbuds in the inner curve of your ears. This pair of completely cord-free earbuds is available for just $79 on Kickstarter while the final retail price will be fixed for $199.

5. Earin Earbuds

Earin Earbuds

Earin Earbuds are designed in a special way with high-precision balanced armature speakers. Giving an incredible sound detail one gets to experience the best audio acoustic ever. Combined with the most advanced wireless and battery technologies available Earin has an app that enables you to customize your hearing experience. These wireless earbuds are a smart innovation from Earin and available for $199 USD and one would love to use it once to experience its feel.