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Top 5 Weirdest Smart Product Launches of 2016

iDerma Weirdest Smart Product

We witness several product launches every year. The bigwigs of the tech industry are busy rolling out their choicest products at different flagship events that are designed to grab eyeballs. Most of these events are also very well known for their wide smattering of weird gadgets. Ranging from strange wearables to niche robots, there were plenty of devices this year too, that had us doing a double take. Small companies of all kinds take their wacky ideas to the show floor, even some of the large technology companies have brought the strangest products this time around.

Let’s face it, technology can get weird. Here are five weird smart products launched in 2016.

1) iDerma

iDerma is a perfect Facial Beautification System designed specially to Minimize the fine lines and wrinkles and to enhance one’s overall skin condition. It also helps heal redness and inflammation associated with acne blemishes, thus providing more effective and lasting results. iDerma undoubtedly gives benefits of a high-priced photo facial for a fraction of the cost of clinic-based therapy systems.

2) CleverPet


CleverPet has stepped into the breach with a video game console — for dogs. It is a plastic dome with flashing lights, speakers and a dispenser that gives out dry dog food when a task is completed successfully. It is compatible with any kind of dry dog food. Open the hatch, put in the food, setup the game and entertain a dog for hours.

Instead of just getting their treats or meals served to them, the dogs have to do some work and hit the right button at the right time to get a bit of their food for the day. It keeps your dogs engaged when you leave the house, and it reduces their anxiety. You can even use this Cleverpet to teach dogs commands. The device is Wi-Fi connected, and you could theoretically link one to another. The CleverPet will retail for $299 and the first units may be shipped in the next couple of months.

3) Oombrella


People are fed up of those umbrellas that are always breaking in the wind or getting lost when you need them most. Keeping this in mind a new device has been launched Oombrella, as it’s called, is a connected umbrella that features a broad suite of environmental sensors that can send updates to your smartphone. With this feature, it can withstand high winds and heavy rain without damage. It even measures temperature, pressure, humidity, and light thus giving accurate weather report of their specific area. It even retrieves a lost umbrella through Oombrella’s community of users.

Down below, the handle is made of injected plastic to ensure that the sensor capsule is completely waterproof. Further the company wishes to unlock a variety of full Oombrella editions in your choice of the rainbow, black, or white.

4) Yum & Done

Yum & Done

As we all are accustomed to the fact that taking care of the little one can truly become a hassle as many babies are a super picky eater. It is quite a challenging task to provide Healthy food and vegetables to the baby as it gets easily distracted and wants to leave the table or refuses to eat.

Yum and Done meal buddies are cute and friendly and it keeps a baby engaged and accompanies your baby throughout the meal. The young toddler gets amazed playing with them and spends a good time at the table. Thus indirectly it learns to grow-up eating balanced and healthy food.



MUSE is a brain sensing headband that makes your meditation easier. It gives you real-time biofeedback of what’s going on in your mind. Thus reducing your symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety. This headband keeps your focus clear and at the end of the session if gives you clear results with the help of graph to measure your progress. There are several enhanced tutorials that help you get started faster with Muse.

One can get a feel of various environments as there are Soundscapes which include Beach, Rainforest, Desert and others. Even there are Customizable session lengths, up to 60 minutes that give fully reimagined experience that enhances your meditation practice. With such a dramatically improved performance and faster load times and various accessibility modes for the visually impaired one can certainly boost their positive emotions with Muse.