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Top 5 Waterproof Phones One should Watch Out for in 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof phone

Waterproof smartphones are the latest buzz that allows you to use your new phone without worrying about getting it wet. Samsung has always made the decision easier with launching two great waterproof phones and new iPhone cases help out users who just can’t quite give up on the iPhone.

When you look for a waterproof phone it is very essential to get the right level of protection. Waterproof phones can likely handle full submersion for a half an hour in three to six feet of water although one should check how much water exposure it can handle.

Although it is still hard to find the perfect waterproof smartphone, we have mentioned the top five great waterproof smartphones to buy in 2016.

1) Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

The waterproof enclosure isn’t the device’s only hallmark, Samsung Galaxy S7 easily qualifies as the best high-end waterproof phone due to its sleek design, open ports, and fast performance. Secondly, it offers strong protection against water, as it is made of glass on all sides.

While you don’t want to take it to deep levels, the Galaxy S7 can survive 30 minutes in five feet of water. If you drop it in the bath, it should be totally fine. The ability to be submerged in under 5 feet of water for 30 minutes without taking damage does boast extra protection. The extra protection from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is great, but it is the S7’s hardware that makes it such a compelling smartphone. It’s great that it is water-resistant, but it is so much more than just a water-friendly phone.

2) Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5

The newest manufacturer in the race of waterproof phones is the Sony Xperia Z5 series. It is probably the best phone in the market with a water-resistant chassis.  With a latest high-end hardware, the Z5 has the ability to take your phone in any pool for a long time. After a lot of tests, it was revealed that Sony Xperia Z5 can be able to stand up to not only splashes but also for a brief period of time while submerged inside water.

These phones surely have the capacity to make good stealth mode additions to our water resistant phones list. Other than this, the phone comes with a 5.2-inch display, Full HD resolution, a super-sharp 23-megapixel camera, and 32GB of storage for music and apps. Surely Sony has overhauled and taken a big step forward in water resistant smartphones.

3) Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)

Motorola Moto G

The latest addition to the Motorola family, the third-generation Moto G, is the only phone to be blessed with a benefit of a water-resistant capacity scoring points in the all-important durability department. It is equipped with a water repellant nano coating that renders the phone safe against splashes and also occasional spills. So these can be wet and still work while dunked into shallow water. It does make a terrific combo that sounds solidly equipped for withstanding heavy waters.

4) Cat S60

Cat S60

Cat has been making ultra-durable phones for a few years now and its latest flagship Cat S60 is the only model that can withstand a nuclear blast as their manufacturer mentions. With its IP68 certification, this model can sit in five feet of water for more than half an hour and its screen is equipped to handle wet finger operations smoothly. Even the 13MP camera works fine after been submerged in water. Absolutely this phone looks super ready to take a move.

5) Kyocera Brigadier

Kyocera Brigadier

As we always know that the rugged phones arrive with older features and software. The Kyocera Brigadier is a great option if you need a waterproof smartphone that is rugged too.

It has a 4.5-inch Sapphire screen that resists scratches and damage and like other waterproof smartphone. It can survive for 30 minutes too in six feet of water. It is inbuilt with Defense Military Standard 810G rated for dust, shock, vibration, temperatures, humidity, fog and more.