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Top 5 Virtual Reality Games that are Taking the World by Storm

Eve Valkyrie

Virtual reality is a major buzz word in the technology industry today. By replicating a real or imagined environment, virtual reality simulates a user’s physical presence in such a way that it allows the user to interact with the environment, creating sensory experiences all along. Making the most of this modern technology are game makers creating stunning virtual reality games that are blowing everybody’s minds off. Let’s look at 5 virtual reality games that are taking the VR world by storm:

1. Eve Valkyrie

While most Virtual Reality Games are being launched for the Sony Play Station, Eve Valkyrie is set to be released Microsoft Windows and Oculus Rift, in addition to the Sony Play Station. Built around the space combat genre, this virtual reality game makes you wonder how you ever played games on a flat screen! Eve Valkyrie possesses stunning and immersive AAA visuals and production and offers bleeding-edge virtual reality gameplay. It features solo and co-operative PVE modes, a competitive social multiplayer action and has skill-based character progression and ship upgrades with rich EVE universe setting and deep backstory. The game uses different kinds of ships to combat enemies – support class that aid team mates, fighter class that intercept and harass opponents and heavy class that control the area of space.

2. Battlezone


The first version of the Battlezone game was developed in 1998, and British developer Rebellion recently bought the rights of Battlezone to remake it for modern VR headsets. Battlezone is one of the best virtual reality games ever, incorporating an exciting war-based game play with breathtaking visuals and audio that add to the overall enjoyment. Battlezone has been designed for the next wave of virtual reality devices like PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.  While a lot of VR games take a realistic approach, Battlezone offers an epic tank warfare setting with a truly immersive experience. Players get to enjoy an unrivalled battlefield awareness, a monumental sense of scale and breathless combat intensity.

3. The London Heist

The London Heist

The London Heist is designed by Sony Corporation and aims to appeal to traditional PlayStation gamers by offering an exhilarating action-packed car chase experience. The game makes excellent use of the PlayStation camera and move controllers, allowing users to aim naturally while taking cover. Players have full control over their body and arms, and get the feeling of being the hero of an action film. The game demonstrates a variety of different gameplays like interrogations, car chases and actual heists in various scenes.

4. The Deep

The Deep Virtual Reality Games

Space combat and underwater diving are two of the most thrilling genres in virtual reality games. Also designed by Sony, the game puts the ocean’s greatest predator to create a thrilling underwater gaming experience. The game is based on the lines of the player getting attacked by a shark in an underwater cage. Players can move around and take in the underwater sights for a brief period, until a shark comes by that tests the structural integrity of the underwater prison. The shark attempts to break its way in, biting at the cage’s bar and making a terrifying attempt at gnawing the player.

5. Robinson: The Journey

Robinson: The Journey

While virtual reality games enable players to experience real-life scenarios, getting a chance to experience an imaginary world is a different experience all together. The Journey transports players to a faraway land that is inundated with dinosaurs and other such marvelous sights. Players get to assume the role of a young boy who crash-lands on a mysterious planet and has the freedom to explore the surroundings in 360 degrees of detail. The Journey enables players to interact with the rich ecosystem around them and unearth incredible secrets at every turn.