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Top 5 Twitter clients for your startup

Using Twitter for small business and large business alike has been a trend and companies are using this social marketing platform for lead generation, driving sales and promoting their brands effectively due to the ease of use and transparency provided by Twitter. Many standalone apps have been developed which enhances how you use Twitter for different purposes and the latest app in this arena is Castround, which enables you to view tweets around the world. Let us check the Top 5 Twitter clients for your startup.


Castaround for Twitter

Ever had a thought that you are missing out some of the best tweets from your favourite area or your filed related tweets? Not to worry anymore, Castround is just the app you need to solve this problem. Castround lets you decide the area that you want to cast and will show you the tweets from that specific area and pertaining to those specific type of people you want to follow. The app is best optimised for Gossips, Breaking News, Celeb spotting, Industry specific tweets and tweets from famous people around the world who you would like to follow. It is simple to use. Just select a cast area and it gives a topic list. So, if someone has tweeted about Roger Federer in your cast area, you will be the first one to view it. You can even Re-tweet the tweets directly from the app and you don’t need to go to Twitter to do the honours. You can even mention certain Keywords in your area, and when someone tweets for that Keyword, you will get a notification in your app. Castround has been the best Twitter app of recent times and it has justified it’s position too.

Tweetings 2

Tweetings for Twitter

Tweetings 2 is the second app in our list. It is a widely used Twitter client for iPhone which has been redesigned for iOS 7 and supports iOS 8 including the recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones. The feature list of Tweetings 2 include lists, push, geolocation and perfectly syncs your timeline with your iPad and Mac. You can follow your friends tweets, share your photos and videos, view conversations, see who’s nearby and find what is trending on Twitter. You can view the photos of your followers in a distinguished way. You get push notifications for messages, favourites, @mentions or when you are re-tweeted. You can even mute users, make good use of hashtags and much more. If you made a mistake while tweeting, no worries as you can simply edit a tweet. Tweetings 2 has a support for Tweet Marker service.


Winnow for Twitter

Many times, it happens that companies in order to promote their brand, go a step further than required on Twitter and that is when you feel that there is too much noise on the platform and a filter could help. Winnow is that filter for Twitter. You can mute your followers if you think you don’t get what you want with their tweets and don’t want to appear rude by unfollowing them. You can directly filter terms, phrases and hashtags from your timeline. You get a push notification for direct messages and mentions. It also suggests the perfect time to tweet with their tweet frequency view.



Tweetlogix was designed to make the use of Twitter better on iPhone and iPad. There is an instant powerful filter which lets you instantly mute users, keywords or phrases. You can design your own colour theme, view different inline images, search and more. All this has been packed in an easily navigable app. You can mute users, clients, retweets and review filtered out tweets. You can make your own custom theme according to your business needs and liking, import different colourful themes and the app provides built in dark and light themes for instant use.


Tweetcaster for Twitter

TweetCaster has been previously rated as the #1 Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it is probably the only app which allows you to search events and organise your search party. The UI is clean and stylish that users instantly fall in love with and the best part is that it is very fast. It is much of a task when you are handling more than one Twitter accounts and TweetCaster provides the best possible way to use multiple Twitter accounts. You can hide the unwanted noise if you do not want to unfollow certain people. The iPad version has been redesigned for the retina display and looks quite stunning. You can post to Facebook directly from this app. There are smart photo effects and options to avoid captions to your pics.

So, these are the top 5 Twitter clients among the various other options available and you must be smart enough to choose a client which suits your style to tweet. If you have any doubts regarding which is the best possible Twitter client for you, you can mention it in the comments below and we will let you know which client is best for you after discussing it with you.