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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy is out with a bang meeting some expectations and overachieving a few. Yes, as the latest Samsung flagships it beats every other Samsung offering till date. There are too many highs to praise and too little lows to despise of this latest Samsung phone.

Let us discuss here on top 5 things you should know about Samsung Galaxy S9.

Dual aperture camera

The camera comes to be the most lethal feature of the Galaxy S9. For the first time, Samsung decided to give its flagship a mechanical dual-aperture lens that is just similar to DSLRs. This will obviously permit more light in, reduce the image noise to a great extent and deliver crisp sharp images.

The best thing about this new camera of the Galaxy S9 is that the aperture just changes its own size just by detecting low light. According to the company, the camera allows at least 28 percent more light for dimmer lights. Technically it is the best smartphone camera for low light photography till date.

AR Emoji

AR Emoji was introduced by the arch-rival Apple with iPhone X, and so we were expecting this new feature to be introduced by Samsung with its new flagship. Samsung offering with its version of AR Emoji allows creating a simple avatar of your face by snapping a smiling image with the front-facing camera. That’s pretty obvious but lacks depth when compared to the sharper AR Emoji output of iPhone X.

Once Galaxy S9 created the digital version of your profile, you can change the hair and skin color and even can choose an outfit for the avatar to give it a custom look. To make GIF Emoji you can record a video of yourself and turn it with emoji effect. Some testing results came with some distortions of the face that do not look funny. Samsung needs to integrate better face recognition to make this thing work better.

Much better biometrics

Finally, Samsung addressed its sluggish biometric feature of the earlier phone with the new flagship. Earlier we experienced several glitches with the fingerprint scanner that almost made it too hard for us to use. This time Samsung came with Intelligent Scan which is basically a combination of the iris scanner and facial recognition to help you unlock your phone at ease with just the face. The entire authentication process became much simpler and faster thanks to this. While there was accuracy problem with face recognition with earlier Samsung flagships, S9 almost never misses to recognising.

The only downside is probably using the face recognition of the iris scanner in low light condition. In low light, this may take longer to react. This is another area where the competitor iPhone x seems to have a clear edge. It offers less wide viewing angle compared to Apple iPhone X and so unlocking the phone with iris scanner when the device placed flat on a table can be a bit problematic.

Bixby is back… and better

The Bixby Voice and the Bixby Vision with the new Samsung flagship became further better and powerful. Bixby Vision now delivers more accurate results than ever before. However, it still lacks the fast pace responsiveness and accuracy of Google Assistant which is already there on any Samsung phone. In Galaxy 9 you have a standalone button to switch on Bixby and use it for voice commands.

Bixby responses to your commands most of the time in a too literal manner. For instance, if you want it to snap a pic and send it to a particular friend it will start with finding the friend first. This may actually take longer than what you can do manually. There are problems regarding accuracy as well. Though Samsung tells us what it can do with our commands, the responses are less accurate most of the times.

Bixby Vision on the other remains turned off by default but became much improved now. Bixby in overall measure looks more capable and almost comparable to Siri on some counts but still lags behind Google Assistant by miles.

Much improved audio output with AKG and Dolby

When it comes to audio output, no Galaxy smartphone comes close to the Galaxy S9 or the larger S9+ model. Samsung made a great decision to offer a combination of Dolby and AKG to ensure unmatched sound output. Just like its predecessor Galaxy S8, S9 also offers an AKG headset within the box. Apart from the robust sound, it can also block much of the outside sound.

Thanks to the AKG sound engineers the main speaker and stereo sound of S9 offers unmatched clarity and robustness. When watching a video while holding the phone in your hands the sound seems to be completely immersive.


Samsung Galaxy S9 also comes with ultimate display in all Galaxy phones and features an edge to edge screen with the little bezel on top and bottom. It has beaten all its predecessors and most of the Android flagships almost on every front.