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Top 5 Thing You Need to Know About Surface Book 2

Most Powerful Surface Book

Just a few days before Microsoft has revealed the latest version of its hybrid laptop the Surface Book 2. Over a span of few years, Microsoft almost came a full circle with a whole range of Surface products that includes Surface Pro and the original Surface Laptop as well. But the Surface Book quickly became a favourite since its launch date in 2015. The newest Surface Book 2 represents basically an effort to address this popularity with a better product.

The new Surface Book is particularly commendable in respect of processor performance, great battery life and design. Do you want to know what are the specific things that make the new Surface Book 2 an awesome product? Here are the five things to consider.

1. Most Powerful Surface Book

The most commendable thing about the zones Surface Book is its powerful processor. It has onboard the very latest Intel and Nvidia which give it an unprecedented edge. It is loaded with the new timing controller (or TCON) chip just under the display. Apart from having the power of quad-core processing, various tests suggested that this laptop has been the most powerful laptop for continued game playing experience. It also supports the communication protocol for Microsoft Xbox.

2. Wow! A 15-inch Model Is Finally There!

A 15-inch Model Is Finally There

Astonishingly high-end specs of Surface Book are now packed for a great viewing experience thanks to the new 15-inch version if this laptop. As far as design and other elements are concerned the 15-inch model doesn’t look much different from the
13.5-inch model. Both the models have similar processors, graphics and battery life.

There are only a handful of differences that do not make these two products radically different. While the 13.5-inch model is offered with at least 8GB RAM, the 15-inch screen Surface Book comes at least 16GB RAM. It is needless to say that the 15.5-inch model is slightly lighter in weight compared to the smaller one.

3. Truly Never-Before Battery Life

truly never

If one aspect of Surface Book 2 has been taken to the insane level, it is the battery life. As per the claim made public by the company the newest hybrid laptop from Microsoft will offer up to 17 hours of battery life even for continuous video playback. According to a claim published in the Microsoft blog, in comparison to the latest MacBook Pro the new Surface Book 2 will ensure at least 70 percent more battery life.

4. Lighter And Thinner Design

Lighter And Thinner Design

If you are an ardent fan of Surface Book, you are likely to expect a complete overhauled design with the newest version. But actually, there is a little bit of frustration on account of this. The new Surface Book 2 does not offer any great design surprise except that it is much thinner and lighter in built. Without just changing the core design principles and overall look it feels a lot lighter. Maintaining that same all aluminium design it weighs exceptionally lighter, and that’s precisely remains as praiseworthy.

5. It Is Not Really Affordable

It Is Not Really Affordable

The Surface Book even in its newest version remained unhinged on one point, and it is its ambitious price tag. The basic 13.5-inch i5 configuration model of Surface Book 2 costs $1,499. Even after paying such a hefty price the buyer is not entitled to get the quad-core i7 speed and the visual boost of NVIDIA graphics card both of which are available with higher versions.

The Surface Book 2 with 13.5-inch i7 configuration is priced at $1,999 while the minimum price of the 15-inch model stands at $2,499 and can go up to $3,299 with 1TB of storage.

Lastly to inform the interested buyers, from 9th November all of these models are available for pre-order and the shipping will start from November 16.

Final Verdict

It is hard to conclude with a one-sided verdict about this powerful, feature-rich yet quite ambitiously priced laptop. For people looking for a powerful laptop with high-end gaming capabilities and graphic output, one of the 15-inch models can be worth buying.