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Top 5 Tech Gifts to Buy for your Lady this Christmas

Top 5 Tech Gifts to Buy for your Lady this Christmas

Are you looking for a nice gifts to give your lady this Christmas? This time try something related to technology. Here is a list of best tech gifts that is perfect for your lady, no matter their level of tech know-how.

1) Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 is a silicon band with a rectangular OLED display in the middle, a button on the left side and a built-in optical heart rate monitor that keeps a check on your heart rate continuously. Charge 2 helps you track your heart rate continuously to maximize workouts and better track calorie burn to get a clear picture of your health. You can also track the number of steps you take, the distance you travel, floors climbed, and hourly activity. You can keep a check on the exercises that you perform, be it- running, weights or yoga and see your workout stats on the display.

The main highlight of this device is PurePulse Heart Rate tracking technology which constantly takes a reading of your heartbeat. Fitbit claims that the battery will last up to 5 days from a single charge, and can be fully recharged in less than 2 hours. The FitBit Charge 2 comes with a stainless steel frame and a silicon band in black, blue, plum, or teal colors at a price of $149.95.

2) Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles

Snap Inc. just recently launched Spectacles, a pair of camera-equipped smart glasses that can record snippets which get directly saved in your Snapchat Memories. The Spectacles camera has an 115-degree lens that simulates how we see things.The Spectacles have a built-in camera and a flash that will record 10-second snippets. The Spectacles have a button on the top left-hand corner to record a snap. The recording automatically stops after 10 seconds, but if you wish to have additional recording time, you can tap the button again to add another 10 seconds.

The Spectacles have an inward-facing light that turns on, and an outward-facing light will flash to indicate it’s recording. Later when you watch your snaps on your phone they can be either played in landscape or portrait. Snapchat Spectacles are priced at $129.99.

3) Scrip

Scrip Digital Wallet

San Francisco-based New Deal Design has come up with a device that is designed with an idea to remove cash transactions from our daily lives and use digital cash. The motive of creating a device like Scrip is to invoke the nostalgia of a cash exchange, but at the same time, eliminating the poor spending habits that are often caused by digital transactions. Scrip is a copper-coloured device, shaped like a capsule. It has ridges on the top and space for a tiny numerical screen on one end.

The design is such that it gives you a benign and meaningful feel of a physical transaction. To make a payment, you simply point the device at an NFC payment terminal and swipe your thumb across its surface. Scrip will transfer that amount of money from your bank account. Scrip aims at filling the gap between the luxury of digital and the need for physical.

4) LuMee

LuMee Tech Gifts

LuMee is an iPhone case surrounded by tiny white lights that brighten your face. The LuMee case solves that issue with its ring of Goldilocks lights that are neither too bright, too cool, or too takes around half an hour for the case to fully charge and if you keep it turned on, it would last roughly two hours. The case also has a dimmer function, for using that you need to press down and hold the power button to either dim or brighten the lights. That way, you can choose just how bright you want to go. So if you can spare $50 and are a selfie freak, LuMee is the phone case for you.

5) Notti


The Notti smart light is a phone accessory for iPhone and Android that lights up when you receive a notification message — email, a phone call, Facebook. It works by connecting to your phone using Bluetooth and syncs with all major social networks, flashing the color you have designated whenever a message comes in. It has a white, angular design that will remind you of an iceberg.

The Notti smart light looks pleasant and beautiful and has a wide range of color choices. It adds extra features for an alarm clock or syncs its light to your music playlists for party mode. The Notti smart light a mood light or party enhancer. The battery life is of Notti smart light is pretty decent. The Notti smart light is priced at $40.

These gorgeous and helpful products make for unforgettable tech gifts. Choose the perfect practical tech gifts for her.