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Top 5 Tech Gifts for Christmas 2017

Google Home

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are already smelling the fragrance of holiday season. With so many new and innovative tech gadgets waiting to improve our life we no longer need to be geeks aspire to own a few of these devices. To gift your near and dear ones this Christmas, you can plan something out of the box and excellently purposeful. From voice-enabled smart home speaker systems to latest breed of the smart robot, you have an amazing number of high tech choices as Christmas gift this season. Here we have picked five of them.

1) Google Home

Do you want to surprise someone with something that can just work as a constant companion? Well, there cannot be a better option than Google Home, the smart home speaker system that comes loaded with the interactive ability of Google Assistant. All you need to do is to ask your Google Home for anything you want it to do, and it’s done. Yes, just through voice command you can make it call, play music, stream music directly from your smart TV, listen weather report and get it answer all sorts of queries just the way you make Google search with voice command.

If this is not enough Google Home can also send Visual Responses to your queries right on your handheld device. Moreover, it is the kind of smart speaker that always understands your context while coming with an answer or following instructions. It keeps on updating itself about your preferences and interests and accordingly delivers contents. It supports music streaming from free versions of several apps including SoundCloud, Spotify and others.

2) Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis

For your bookworm niece or the dad, there cannot be a better Christmas gift than the latest version of Kindle e-reader. Kindle Oasis broke the stereotype of earlier Kindle devices and appeared with a smart and stylish design and larger screen. While reading, you need to turn the pages less frequently than even the paperbacks.

Kindle Oasis comes with a beautiful lightweight wedge design, elegant leather cover, and superb backlit e-ink display.

On top of this, the new Kindle Oasis is water resistant. It is actually designed for single-handed reading experience with the wedge holding physical buttons for turning the pages. The best thing is, for readers with poor eyesight this advanced e-reader has a number of options to boost readability and visibility along with a screen that can be customised for the readers. If the readers in your family and fraternity are really fond of Kindle, it is the most updated Kindle for them.

3) Apple AirPods


Wireless Bluetooth headphones are popular now for the smartphone generation. The absence of wires is not just about the smart look but is also about exceptional handling ease and less interference with the listening pleasure. As a Christmas gift option wireless earbuds are a nice option, but if you look for the ideal choice for your iPhone loyalist beloved, there is no better option than AirPods.

Apart from being wireless and Bluetooth enabled, AirPods have an array of strong features. The best thing is obviously the ease at which you can use voice command through the Siri. This smart wireless earphones from Apple will help you access and use Siri all the time without really peeping into your handheld screen. Just a single Tap on the AirPods will be enough to turn on the Siri.

4) Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Do you think of an impeccable gift for someone in your family who has an uncanny knack for photography? In spite of being habituated with digital photos don’t we still love the old-fashioned printed images? Yes, we do, and that is why Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer can be a really heart warming gift.  It is an easy to use, highly portable and fairly pocketable wireless photo printer that can just deliver full-color 2×3-inch prints of your smartphone photos. The only thing you need to print photos with this is Polaroid Zink paper.

Now when it comes to print quality, it is fairly impressive if not exceptional. Looking more like a portable hard drive it can be carried along anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for about 25 photo prints. It comes with free apps for both Android and iPhone and connects the phones via Bluetooth.

5) Sony Xperia Hello

Sony Xperia Hello

Finally, if you really want to give someone a big surprise with cutting-edge technology, Sony’s new robotic assistant Xperia Hello can be a great choice. It may look just like a smart speaker, but it is actually a fully featured robot with too many AI-powered, sophisticated capabilities. It looks funny with large animated eyes while holding a 4.55 inch LCD screen in the belly. Xperia Hello runs on Android, and it is capable of responding to a whole array of commands ranging from voice, gestures and even your facial expressions.

It learns from your behaviour and commands and over time adjusts to your preferences. It is capable of taking snaps, check and inform about family members at home, deliver alerts and reminders and provide information about traffic, weather and latest news updates. If these are not enough, Hello can also send messages using the popular messaging service Line.

A Final Note

High tech gadgets make the best surprising and heartwarming Christmas gifts as they always remain coveted and sought after by people across generations. But obviously, they also risk getting outdated with the onset of new technologies.