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Top 5 Tech Companies to Unveil Their Products at CES 2017

CES 2017

Consumer Electronics Show or CES is considered to be the biggest tech event with participation from the giants of consumer electronics from all over the world. Every year the event showcases a whole range of new tech products from leading companies. CES is the event where we get introduced to the latest tech trends and offerings.

When and where CES 2017 is going to happen?

CES is held every year in January in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual tech event held since 2004 will be held this year on 3rd to 5th January. This year we can expect a number of major announcements from ace tech brands from around the globe.

1. LG

LG has announced that it will launch 5 new smartphones in this annual event. This time the company chose to focus on 5 mid-range handsets including a brand new K series and a latest Stylus phone range. The company also announced to come up with new robot vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, air conditioner and smart washing machine. While the robot cleaner will be enabled with deep machine learning, the smart fridge will be able to analyses usage and eating patterns and detect temperature required. Both the air conditioning system and washing machine to be launched at the event will have smart analytics and sensors to allow smarter usability.

2. Samsung

Samsung in CES 2017 is going to launch a new TV widely dubbed as ‘QLED TV. It is basically quantum dot LED TV, a new technology with the advanced audiovisual output. The new range of TV will solve all the issues associated with traditional LCD TVs while allowing the optimum potential of the high dynamic range (HDR) technology.

3. Sony

The ace Japanese tech is also going to launch the OLED television for the first time. Having a joint deal with LG which has a reputation of building OLED panels Sony is expected to give a boost to the audiovisual experience. OLED displays will solve the problems pertaining to the need of using backlight and battery life. The company will also make the OLED display available on its new PlayStation VR range, most notably, PS4 and the new PS4 Pro.

4. Nvidia

Nvidia is Santa Clara-based tech company having its reputation established in gaming and visual technologies after an awesome presence with steaming technology in last year CES is expected to launch a new and standout gaming console in the 2017 chapter of the event. It will also come with a new update for its gaming products.

5. Xiaomi

Xiaomi, a Beijing-based tech company has already established a niche reputation with standout and sophisticated tech products including top of the shelf smartphones, smart fitness bands, electric bikes, robot cleaners, etc. It has recently unveiled its plans to go big for the 2017 chapter of CES with some cool new products in the home appliance, smart wearable, and mobile phone segments.

To Conclude,

CES is unquestionably the event where the who’s who of world’s tech giants targets to showcase their latest offerings. While it cannot be any different this year, we can expect a plethora of cool announcements from these tech brands mentioned here in CES 2017.