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Top 5 Smartwatches You Can Consider Buying Now

Apple Watch 3

Since the first unveiling of smartwatches as the wearable tech, we have come a long way. Smartwatches evolved to incorporate a lot of features with a lot of capabilities that were previously unthinkable. Smartwatches are no longer just viewed as the extension of the smartphones, they are now standalone devices. Moreover, they also breached the gap between geeky look and designer wristwatches. Those days are really gone when you used to avoid wearing smartwatches just because they lacked the look and feel of a designer analogue watch.

Here we have picked top 5 smartwatches that you can buy based on the features, look and feel and battery life.

1) Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3 still dominates the smartwatch market with its ultra slim design that started with the Apple Watch 2 along with several new enhancements. Priced at $329.00 it is also one if the most expensive smartwatches available presently in the market.

The best thing about this newest Apple Watch is its cellular connectivity and a bounty of newly added fitness features. The watch also comes with an LTE and non-LTE versions. The non-LTE version comes a bit cheaper while offering longer battery life and all the smart features of Watch 3 upgrade.

2) Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2

If you want to name a smartwatch sporting a truly impressive designer look and feel you cannot go any further than Huawei Watch. It’s a second upgrade coming with better battery life, and some stealthy smart value additions are priced at 299.99, but you can get it cheaper at $242.80 from Amazon.

Huawei Watch 2 sports a gamut of advanced fitness tracking features. The Huawei Watch by far is the most impressive looking smartwatch with a stainless steel chassis and sapphire crystal on top of the screen. It also offers one of the best smartwatch display with 400×400 resolution AMOLED screen. With Snapdragon 400 CPU and 512MB of RAM, it is a powerful watch as well.

3) Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear Sport

This serious looking smartwatch with a gamut of fitness features still enjoys an edge over other Android watches because of its clean and sporty design and premium look and feel. Sporting a price tag of $299.99 it is exactly not value for money choice since you have several great options with a much lower price than this.

Some of the key features that make this Samsung offering standout from the competition is the availability of Spotify offline playback and a robust inbuilt GPS helping you to track directions while running. Moreover, it has a waterproof capacity for up to 50 meters under the water. On top of everything, it is also compatible with iPhones. For the fitness freak in you, there are not too many great smartwatches as this.

4) LG Watch Style

LG Watch Style

LG Watch Style typically fills the gap between stylish designer analogue watches and geeky smartwatches. Priced at $249.99 LG Watch Style flaunts an impressive and attractive style while delivering several quality fitness tracking features and other standard features common in every other watch.

The best thing about this watch is that it offers smart voice-controlled interaction through Google Assistant. The only improvement that seems impending with this much hyped Android watch is its battery life. It lowered its price very recently too match up the new competitive entries, but still it needs to tweak a few things for delivering better value for money.

5) Fitbit Ionic


Fitbit has already established its reputation as the undisputed leader of the fitness bands and so when it extended its presence in the smartwatch segment, it couldn’t be an entry without a clear edge on fitness features. Priced at $299.95, Fitbit Ionic is clearly the best smartwatch for tracking fitness and health data with zero-error precision. But the only drawback is its limited app ecosystem in comparison to the Apple and Samsung watch.

Fitbit Ionic leaves no single fitness tracking features out of its capacity. It offers a really exhaustive range of fitness features that you cannot find with any other watches now. Every sport activity including running, cycling and swimming are covered by the fitness trap king features of this watch. On top of that, you have dedicated sessions for bodyweight coaching with this watch. There is also Fitbit Pay to allow you paying for your transactions on the go. Recently at least $70 of the retail price has dropped making it more affordable for the buyers.

In closing

It is really hard to write off all others in favour of just one smartwatch. All the above-mentioned options are equally credible with flimsy differences of capacity, features and value for money. It also depends heavily on the look and feels since smartwatches are now equally fashion accessories.