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The Top 5 Smartwatches Of 2017


Smartwatches are devices that have grown old but still feel very much new to a lot of people. You don’t really need a smartwatch to get through the day. Also, some of those smartwatches are really expensive. But there are some good things about these smartwatches. They can provide you with an easy way to get information. They allow you to dismiss or reply to new messages without having to pull out your phone, and do much more. This week, we have rounded up the top 5 popular smartwatches of 2017.


The Casio WSD-F20 is near identical to the original with that hulking bezel still in tow. It has the same metallic-looking plastic casing that plays its part in offering rugged protection and keeping the display well guarded. This watch is known for its durability. So you’re getting military standard levels of protection plus water resistance at up to 50 metres so you can take it for a swim. It’s up for grabs in either orange or black, with the former being the more attractive of the two. The orange casing nicely complements the machined screws, black bezel and black watch strap.
There’s a whole host of sensors on here for starters, which include pressure (air and altitude), accelerometer, pyrometer and magnetic compass sensors that should all come in handy for activities like hiking, trekking and water sports. Hitting the Tool button will show you how these are put to use displaying compass, altitude, air pressure, tide and activity graphs. Some of the best things about this watch is the customisable watch faces, offline map support, great battery life, and GPS built-in.



Second up, we have the LG Watch Sport. It is a sizable watch that rises pretty high off the wrist. It has a surprisingly comfortable fit with contoured lugs. It comes with a rotating ‘main button’ and two customizable buttons. The watch is waterproof up to 1.5m (5ft) for 30 minutes. The smartwatch has a stylish, full circle 1.38-inch OLED display looks fantastic. The always-on screen mode is useful, but is also a battery drain. This watch gets brighter outdoors for decent visibility in sunlight. One of the biggest pros of this smartwatch is the Android Wear 2.0 which is a big improvement. The watch has got an excellent performance. It’s rotating crown button works well and it has good IP68 water resistance. The cons of the LG Watch Sport are that it has a thick, and sometimes cumbersome design. Also, the battery life could have been better and the Android Wear feels inconsistent in places.



The Garmin Fenix 5 is one of the best multis-port outdoor watches in the market. It blends some of the most detailed metrics into a single device. It’s hard to find a sport that the Fenix 5 doesn’t track. Activity tracking is a huge part of the set up. The built-in heart rate sensor give particularly rich stats. The Garmin Fenix 5 can be used for running, hiking, swimming, cycling, golf, activity training and a lot more. The smartwatch offers perfect heart rate accuracy. Garmin boasts of two weeks of battery life from the Fenix 5 as a watch. Some of the pros of this watch are incredible array of data, slimmer and lighter design, and covers almost every sport. With more than 20 hours of battery life, the ability to track almost any activity and a durable design, the Garmin Fenix 5 is the outdoor GPS watch to get.

4. TomTom Spark 3:

TomTom Spark 3

With this smartwatch, TomTom has added route exploration for the first time, building in a compass sensor to make it easier to find your way home or discover a new running trail. The Spark 3 has the same removable watch module as the old one. Also, it has the same screen with the optical heart-rate sensor built into the back. It also uses the same charger, which we’re not the greatest fans off, but it’s not going to budge from that cradle when you need to power it up. The Spark 3 has seven sports modes. It comes along with a stopwatch option. There’s also activity and sleep tracking although it still feels very secondary to the whole experience and very easy to ignore. The main reason you’d consider buying the new Spark 3 is the new route exploration feature. The reason behind this is the compass. This means you’re not going to see this feature crop up on the older Spark. Some of the pros of this smartwatch are that it is really easy to use, has accurate GPS and HR data, and the addition of route exploration. But the music support is still clunky.

5. Apple Watch Series 2:

Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 has an almost identical to the original. The Watch 2 is a bit thicker than the old Watch. But it is not enough that you’d notice without seeing the two next to each other. The square screen with rounded glass edges make it simple to swipe up, down, left and right from the edge to provide additional shortcuts, and the rotating Digital Crown still works well as a method of zooming in and out, and general navigation. The Apple Watch is water-resistant to a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes, a rating of IPX7. The Apple Watch Series 2 has an OLED display. It is more than twice as bright as the screen on the original watch. The Series 2 can manage two days of use between charges fairly comfortably.


There are a dozen things to take into consideration when you are deciding on buying a smartwatch. These points can range from the size of the smartwatch, to the features it offers, to the price of the watch. It is really important to consider all these points when you are looking for that one perfect smartwatch for yourself.