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Top 5 Smarter Home Access Products that Rule the IoT Market

nest smart home access

Home automation products have been thronging the market off late but there are few players who have established themselves in such a short period of time. They have been commendable in their efforts in blending their innovation efforts with the marketing strategy and hence achieved greater success than the competition. Here are the top five smarter home access products than any other gadget in the market:

  1. Nest

Nest is a technology company that has created a thermostat, a Cam and an alarm system that saves energy, keeps families safe, and offers surveillance when one is not present. Nest Thermostat is a heating and cooling system that even keeps an eye in the surroundings. One can receive an alert on your phone if temperatures drop or increase.

One can add Nest products to your home, and control all of them with the help of the Nest app. Also, when one goes to vacation, the thermostat reduces its activity while the Nest Cam turns on. Change the temperature and one get awarded with a Leaf for saving on energy. The Thermostat even lights up to see the temperature set for the room.

  1. Kwikset

kwikset smart home access

Kwikset manufactures and efficiently markets door locks and door hardware that includes a wide range of knobs, door levers, deadbolts, and the like. The company makes electronic keyless entry locks that can be used for domestic as well as light commercial applications.

The company has been developing home security solutions for over 60 years and are known to pick up feedback from their customers to improve their product development approach. The company relies on smart security solutions with each of the products to provide users control on doors and handles of their homes. With remote access features, one does not have to worry about forgetting locking of doors ever.

Kwikset also provides smart Re-key technology so that lost and stolen keys are useless to use, along with lock bumping and pick prevention features.

  1. Lockitron

lockitron smart home access

Lockitron Bolt helps users to unlock doors without keys. It is one of the smarter home access products found in the market which uses Bluetooth Low Energy which means it keeps working even during power and internet outages.

One can control and receive notifications from Bolt with the help of the Bridge system from anywhere in the world. One can integrate Lockitron into any of the electrified lock systems one can find in the market. The Lockitron app can be used on any phone which helps in instantly sharing access with family and friends on a remote basis.

Whenever a door is opened, an alert or notification will be sent to the user through the phone or key. Lockitron Bolt makes use of four AA batteries that can easily last nearly six months. Bolt even sends notifications if it needs to be charged.

  1. Leaf

leat smart home access

Leaf has launched a smart home gadget in the name of Air that integrates with existing appliances and can transfer a plethora of home appliances into smarter ones. Air saves energy and keeps home secured since it lets you control the Air-integrated gadgets from anywhere.

Access appliances from anywhere in the world with Air while saving on a lot of energy. The gadget also learns habits and then aligns the appliances in a similar way.
One can automate their room with the air starter kit while the installation time required is just under 2 hours. One can connect nearly 12 appliances across 4 different switchboards in different rooms.

  1. August

august smart home access

August includes several locking gadgets that operate in a smart manner. With the Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad for Door Entry, and Remote Access for Smart Lock, August has provided smarter home access solutions that are smarter than many.

August products and services also feature two factors of authentication for maximum security, along with the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology encryption, and the like.

August app and all virtual keys on any associated devices, anytime at With the app, one can lock/ unlock the door, create different virtual keys for varied guests, and even monitor the entry and exit with their own smartphone.