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Top 5 Smart Thermometers to Use Today

nokia Thermo_

For some time now smart thermometers have become popular thanks to the clean and sanitary way of using them. Unlike traditional thermometers, sanitary napkins can be used without making contact with the mouth. Moreover, their readings are more precise and accurate compared to the traditional ones.

Smart manoeuvres like accessing the reading through the connected app is another advantage that many smart thermometers come packed with. Some of these smart thermometers are also multifunctional to allow measuring a number of health readings apart from the body temperature. There have been too many great options when you decide to buy smart thermometers. Let us introduce here 5 of them.

Nokia Thermo

Nokia is the most well-known brand in smart thermometers as of now. Approved and validated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this thermometer offers a simple and absolutely no-contact procedure to take the body temperature reading. Besides this, it comes with a connected mobile app to track the statistics over time, get symptoms and related medications and reminders.

Coming over to the technical side, this thermo comes equipped with as many as 16 sensors to grab 4,000 measurements. This allows it to easily find the spot on the head of the patient with the highest temperature. Measuring straight from the temporal artery which is considered to be an ideal area for precise body temperature reading, it leaves no scopes of the doubt when it is about achieving accuracy in reading.

Depending on the profile of the user this thermometer delivers feedback in different colours, and this helps further understanding of the temperature reading. It allows saving up to five user profiles of a family through the connected app. You can also utilise the app for tracking vital symptoms, get reminders and take advises on medications.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer_

Kinsa is another smart thermometer worth mentioning in this list. Besides tracking fever readings, diagnosing vital symptoms of the patient and helping you with advice on medications for several family member profiles, it does all these things in the real time without leaving any scope for delay. The only way it differs from most of the smart thermos in this list is that it needs skin contact for measuring the body temperature.

Kinsa measures the body temperature with professional grade precision and in real time syncs with the connected mobile app to deliver the reading. As for the accuracy of reading US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already gave it clearance. The battery of Kinsa will last for 1000 readings. It comes with an easy to clean comfortable tip that comes into skin contact, and while you take the reading on your smartphone, your kids can play a little with the bubble popping touch game on the thermo screen.

Philips Connected Digital Ear Thermometer

Philips Connected Digital Ear Thermometer

Philips has started last year with its own smart health products and ecosystem and among its line of products this digital thermometer has a pride of place. It is capable of taking precise body temperature reading in 2 seconds and can deliver statistical observation of the temperature over time. It works with just a single touch button.

This thermo depends on Bluetooth to send the readings to the smartphone app. The app allows you to know the core body temperature and accordingly tells you about the changes in body temperature. Besides the thermo whenever you use any of the smart health devices from the Philips ecosystem, all the data fetched by those devices can be synced in this app for further analysis.

iProven ET-828

iProven ET-828

iProven thanks to its very accurate and reliable readings made a reputation among the smart thermometers. It can be used both for adults and adolescents to keep track of body temperatures through a Bluetooth connected smartphone app. The thermo also allows you to track temperature readings over a period of time. If you need a simple, smart thermo with the single objective of temperature reading this one cuts the deal.



Vivalink is unique in its wearable approach to measure body temperature. This FDA approved thermo is basically a soft, wearable device that uses Askin technology for keeping track of body heat while sending the readings wirelessly to the smartphone app.

All that you need is to pair it with a smartphone via Bluetooth and then stick the flexible wearable patch to the body skin with a medical adhesive. As soon as the patch sticks to the skin, the wearer will be able to access body temperature reading on the smartphone app. One can wear the patch and stay connected with the app to deliver continuous readings for as long as a week. You will also get alerts when the phone goes to the ‘Sleep’ mode.

Smart thermometers will become mainstream in the time to come, and we can expect these devices to evolve with more features, ease of use and versatile functions. They can be even smarter to take the form of regular wearable with a screen.