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Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets that are Great Investments for your Home!

vivint - smart home gadgets

Smart home gadgets have been available in throes in the market with several IoT providers innovating with sensors and smartphones to deliver a connected smart home that elevates luxury to another level. Here are the top five smart home gadgets that will prove to be great investments too:

  1. Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home solutions include a smart doorbell camera, smart locks, garage door control and the like. It takes care of security & surveillance measures while delivering on wireless home security and 24×7 video monitoring of your home. With Vivint, one can enable smart Home Control with alerts and notifications related to activity. One can even control the smart home systems from anywhere.

The makers are also offering free installation with the package. Their smart Home Specialists on beck and call to respond to emergencies. Vivint Sky, which is part of the Smart Home bundle, makes sure that the doors are locked even if you forget to lock them. By controlling the doors and cameras remotely, one can control one’s home any time and from any where.

  1. LIFX Light

LIFX Light - Smart Home Gadgets

LIFX Light is a smart home bulb with a difference. It is focused on illuminating your homes in any of the millions of colours that you wish for. One can even choose from 1000 colours of white itself.

LIFX Lights are available in four variants namely Color 1000, Color 1000 BR30, White 800 and White 900 BR30. These bulbs are easy to install since there is no particular setup required. One just has to install the bulbs in the fixtures, download the LIFX Light App on the smartphone and then start controlling the hues through it. LIFX Light is compatible with varied smart home systems including the NEST, Amazon Echo, Samsung’s SmartThings and the like.

  1. OnHub

OnHub - Smart Home Gadgets

OnHub is an innovative router for Wi-Fi that can help its users to stream and share content in new ways. OnHub is a router created by Google that leverages Wi-Fi connections to their limits.

The smart gadget makes use of smart software to find the fastest connections available in your network for each of your internet-connected devices. One can choose and prioritize the bandwidth so that you have the fastest Wi-Fi speed for activities that need the web the most. The gadget also includes an innovative circular antenna design that makes use of the entire Wi-Fi coverage from every direction possible.

You can test the connection speed, watch every device that’s connected to the Wi-Fi network and even use the Google On app for controlling your network. The device is compatible with next generation technologies including Bluetooth SmartReady, Weave and the like.

  1. Parrot’s Flower Power

Parrot’s Flower Power - Smart Home Gadgets

Parrot’s Flower Power is an incredible sensor-based gadget that can easily assess your plants’ needs and notify you immediately through your smartphone. Your sensor assesses your plants’ needs

The Parrot Flower Power can monitor and analyze the sunlight, temperature, the fertilizer and the moisture of the plants and then determine the plant’s health and its needs. The Flower Power connects through Bluetooth Smart and now one can understand when to water them, add the required fertilizer, or even repot the plant for improving its health! The gadget’s app includes a database of over 7,000 plants. Real-time information is stored about the plant based on when you water or move it. One can get comprehensive data analysis and real-time tips to tend your plants better.

  1. LG TwinWash

LG TwinWash - Smart Home Gadgets

LG TwinWash is a unique smart washing machine that lets you wash two loads at a time. Now more clothes can be cleaner in half the time required. Get a big load right inside the front-loading washer while the LG SideKick™ unit would be washing a second load simultaneously. With the secondary washer, one can manage the washing load efficiently and in less time.

The smart washing machine has a combined capacity of nearly 6.6 cu. ft. and has an ergonomically elevated design along with a sturdy angled door for quick loading and unloading. One can save up to 30 minutes of washing time without compromising on cleanliness with steam technology.