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The Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets from CES 2018

The Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets from CES 2018

While CES showcases many futuristic technologies that do not promise to see the light of day anytime soon, what interests us mostly are the gadgets that we can see available in the market within weeks after the event. Keeping this thing in mind, we have picked up top 5 smart home gadgets appeared in CES 2018.

1) The Wall TV by Samsung

Samsung The Wall TV

This new and innovative approach to TV upholds one essential Principle Samsung as a tech brand is known for. Samsung brought this Wall TV with the idea of coming with a truly modular TV. Wall TV is basically a display that can be extended as per the size of the wall. This is a 146-inch TV which is truly modular as it can be scaled down as per the size of the wall.

According to Samsung, it works like a multipurpose display to deliver a screen area as per your need or the size of the wall. If this modular display capability is one thing that makes this TV praiseworthy, the real competitive edge also lies in producing sharper and crisp visuals rich with deeper black tones. The MicroLED technology also delivers a truly infinite level of contrast.

2) Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display CES 2018

Lenovo in the CES 2018 has come up with a smart display which is capable of delivering all smart home assistant features along with robust audiovisual experience. This smart display is powered by Google Assistant. It is slimmer and more appealing than Amazon Echo Show.

Smart Display is nothing but a voice-activated computer which can display a plethora of supplementary information. For example, if you ask Google for recommending some continental restaurants you will be guided with the same restaurants located nearby. It can play YouTube videos what Amazon’s device cannot.

3) Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

The Verdera® Voice Lighted Mirror powered by Amazon Alexa is the first-of-its-kind bathroom mirror. While it offers all the functionalities of an Amazon Echo to deliver a plethora of relevant information and can perform all sorts of activities like shopping, getting traffic updates, playing music, it does all these being embedded only with a seemingly beautiful mirror.

The Verdera mirror can be considered as the key product in the KOHLER Konnect lineup of smart products. Besides offering an array of smart features it also allows controlling and interacting with other products in the lineup just through voice. As for the lighted mirror at the front, it comes with an inbuilt voice-controlled dimmable LED light that allows adjusting on a broader scale of luminosity as per your need. It also comes with a motion-controlled night light helping you to navigate through the bathroom at night or during darkness.

4) Canary View

Canary View

Canary View is basically an ultra-smart indoor security camera that comes packed with embedded AI technology. Thanks to Canary View you can observe your home remotely and can secure your home from all possible threats. The remote and real-time view captured by Canary View can be accessed by user in 1080p HD quality from anywhere.

When you are away from home, Canary View can work as a remotely accessible security system. The best thing about this awesomely modern and feature-rich security camera is that it comes with a highly affordable price tag of just $99. With offerings like an indoor camera with a 147-degree field of view, motion detection, night vision and 1080p HD camera resolution, Canary View seems to sport a truly reasonable price tag.

5) Titan AI Robot

Titan AI Robot

One of the wonder products launched this year at CES 2018 is obviously Titan AI Robot. Looking much like an old-fashioned TV it offers cutting-edge AI capabilities combining a smart speaker and a touchscreen. Capable of features like face and speech recognition it can interact and respond as per the user’s moods.

Titan’s AI can make recommendations on various things like food, movie and music based on your mood. It also allows you to make video calls and see on-screen videos. Through voice search you can browse the internet, play music and control other smart home devices. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t yet announced a price and date of availability for the product.


There are several other smart little tech achievements we have come across at the CES event this year. But with the above mentioned the futuristic truly met the reality of our evolving interactions with technology.