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Top 5 Smart Glasses of 2017


It has been a long time since Google Glasses were released. It might also feel like its time is almost over. Now we have a number of tech startups and companies that are launching either totally new smart glasses or refined versions of old devices. The invasion of the smart glasses is very much alive, right from first-person videos and photos, to turn-by-turn directions, health sensing, and facial recognition of the people you meet.

Vuzix Blade 3000:

Vuzix’s smart glasses offer a display projected onto the right lens to overlay emails or even YouTube videos on the world around you. There’s both voice assistance and touchpad controls. These are Vuzix’ latest binocular concept of an augmented reality smart glasses viewer. It has the see-through waveguide technology. The AR3000 smart glasses incorporate a powerful micro processor running Android. It has dual ultra-slim “Cobra” display engines. It also has a touch pad, noise canceling mics, and two HD cameras with one for gesture support. With the help of these smart glasses, you will be able to reach out and manipulate virtual 3D objects overlaid in the real world. The smart glasses can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It interfaces directly to the cloud or your mobile devices. It uses a small tethered electronics and rechargeable battery pack. It can also be worn or stored in your pocket or purse. The Blade 3000 comes with advanced operator support for enterprise, industrial, and medical uses.

Snap Spectacles:


These video-recording sunglasses from Snap Inc. give you a tiny camera built into a plastic sunglasses frame. You can send 10-second clips to your iPhone or Android smartphone via the Snapchat app. Snap designed the spectacles as fairly fashionable sunglasses with a camera. They are not a camera first that tries to be sunglasses second. Spectacles come in three colors: coral, teal and a much more subtle black. All colors sport two “Snapchat yellow” circles on the end pieces. They outline the camera on the left and an LED ring of light on the right. The LED indicates your battery life and recording status. The circular-shaped lenses offer UV protection. It blocks harmful sun rays as well as impact protection to minimize damage from shallow drops. Spectacles are stylish-looking sunglasses with a built-in camera. They offer an all-new way to capture Snaps. They do this with a first-person account of your day in the form of 10-second video clips. Spectacles are a hands-free convenience and fun to use.

Safilo X:


Safilo X is a series of brain-sensing glasses and sunglasses from the group’s brands. It includes Smith, Carrera and Polaroid. The first product, the Smith Lowdown Focus, is a pair of smart sunglasses in development. These stylish glasses are packed with sensors. Sensors are useful because they perceive brainwaves, eye movement, facial expressions etc. Plus, there’s a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, UV temperature and pressure sensors. They’re actually not meant to be worn during activities either, instead aimed to be worn before or after. It comes with real-time biofeedback, brain training exercises, and meditation. It helps you get in the zone, focus and stay calm when it’s show time. The Safilo X line is set to be released in September, just a bit after its original launch date of Summer 2017. There’s no price yet, but that may come soon.



The world’s most technologically advanced smart sunglasses. Solos were designed with the specific aim of improving performance for the USA cyclists. Whether you’re an elite cyclist, weekend warrior or daily commuter, Solos will help you to push your limits and reach your full potential by providing real-time performance data, notifications and coaching at a glance. Solos have a low-profile silhouette for minimal wind resistance, with ergonomic comfort and efficient airflow. It comes with Vista pupil-scale head mounted display. It has world’s smallest optical module for mobile augmented reality. It offers sharp display, even in bright sunlight. Solos come with a high-density lithium cell with six hours of run time. It has a premium quality of lens for ultimate clarity, details, and protection.

Moverio BT-300:


Moverio BT-300 have superior transparency for augmented reality. These highly transparent glasses redefine augmented reality (AR) with a groundbreaking Si-OLED display. It offers superior transparency, plus a high-resolution camera. It ensures seamless integration of digital content with the outside world. The Moverio BT-300 is light and comfortable to wear. The BT-300 features a binocular display, making it ideal for side-by-side 3D content. It comes with wireless and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) connectivity. Moverio BT-300 is powered by an Intel Atom chipset. Because it runs on Android 5.1, the BT-300 is the ideal platform for developing AR apps. It has a rechargeable battery that offers up to six hours of battery life. There is a built-in card slot that supports removable microSDHC cards up to 32GB.


Above mentioned was a list of some of the top smart glasses of 2017. There is a possibility that these top smart glasses might take over the smart glass market in the coming years.