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The Top 5 Smart Bikes of 2016 that are Way Smarter than you can Imagine!

Flux Electric Bike

Many bikes were unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Companies are gearing to bring the concept of Smart Bikes to the morning commute. But there are many barriers to owning and commuting with one.

They are built as per the system of electric bikes but add the newest twist in it with its – battery, motor and wheels that can be easily swapped and replaced for varying terrains.

With the assembling of multimodal navigation and latest smart routing features, one can cut down unnecessary expenses, time, and the amount of cycling effort required. So have a look at some of the best smart bikes of 2016.

1. FLX

FLX bike, a flagship model with an electric motor and a suite of smart features can reduce concerns about thefts since it has trackers. In a real sense, it is providing a much more connected future for biking as it is also lighter and cheaper.

There are 3 models of FLX bikes that have made a splash on Indiegogo. They are Roadster that can cruise on roads, The Trails that can be used for adventure and the last one The Attack that can be ridden on downhill areas with complete suspension. It has the same batteries as the Tesla Model S and it is rugged and lightweight, compared to all other e-bikes. With a great design and built to last features, FLX is undoubtedly the top 5 smart bikes of 2016.

2. Electrified S

Electrified S

Electrified S is not a typical electric bike. Its best feature is its powerful motor that is so silent that you will know any difference that you are riding an electric bike. Weighing in at 18.4 kg, it is one of the lightest bikes and has an anti-theft tracking designed to make the bike more secure.

The bike ships with its own smartphone app that is remotely used to unlock or lock the bike, to track it via a GSM system or to change the bike’s settings.

Along with its normal cycling functions, including an electric pedal assist and ‘power boost’, it has a touchpad display that shows the speed, distance traveled and battery life of the bike.

This company is not only reinventing the e-bike that is beautiful inside and out, but it has brains to match up to the rest. Thus it is breaking down barriers of commuting, around the globe. With this setup of a unique integration of smart technologies, there is a greater chance to attract a wider audience to let them inspire to commute by bike.

3. QiCycle

Mi QiCycle Smart Bikes

Xiaomi has an upper hand in the market of creating cheaper phones. But its latest in the list is Mi QiCycle a foldable electric bike. The QiCycle is powered by a 250-watt 36-volt high-speed motor, with a range of around 45 km at a mere cost of 2,999 yuan, or $450.

It isn’t the lightest of bikes equipped with an electric motor to make uphill climbs easier. Last but not the least, it is really a well-built bike, that is ridiculously affordable.

4. Bolt Motorbike

Bolt Electronic Bike

Bolt Motorbike is inspired by retro classic mopeds and has the technology of today. They are designed and built in California with mere precision. There are no gears to shift, no clutch to grab, a bike that anybody can ride.

At 20 mph and with a range of 35 miles you can ride all day and park anywhere.  No hassle of parking and traffic and convenience to ride without licensing and registration barriers. The first bikes will cost somewhere between $5,500 and $6,000 giving a fun ride altogether.

5. Bosch eBike

Bosch eBike

Bosch has invented the most advanced pedal assist eBike without the traditional throttle. You can choose from the four riding modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo) to ride it anywhere. The Bike is absolutely replete with sensors, and even features the tracking system that can even interpret your movements and leads you to your destination easily.

The cheapest model starts at a whopping $4,000, and Bosch is seriously considering making the switch to electrically-assisted pedal power to give more returns at this cost.