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The Top 5 Projectors Of 2017

Projectors are various types and sizes. From tiny, pocket projectors to the larger ones installed in a large conference room, there are more than a dozen projectors in the fight. Today we are going to list some of the best projectors in the market to choose from.

1. KERUO L7:

On the list of the top projectors, we have the KERUO L7. It is a smart pocket projector, specifically designed for low power consumption. It has a built-in intelligent hardware and battery. The KERUO L7 is compact in size, thus it can fit in a pocket. It makes use of android-based intelligent systems. This is done to achieve large screen dimensions when connected to project mobile phone contents. You can now easily enjoy movies and business files on a large screen and soft lighting. By doing this, visual fatigue from watching something for a long time is reduced. L7 allows an adjustable elevation angle of 15 degrees. It can also do keystone correction automatically. So you don’t require a tripod or other accessories to carry with L7 everywhere. Most people use their smartphones and tablets to enjoy their media. Due to the limited screen size, It is a bit difficult to enjoy content with others, due to the limited screen size. Whether it’s a presentation or a movie the KERUO L7 is the best solution KERUO L7 is thus the best projector of this year.

2. Sony Ultra-Short Throw 4K:

Sony Ultra-Short Throw 4K

On the second position we have the Ultra-Short Throw 4K by Sony. It has a modular design that combines five units into one. The projector has a cover. It closes automatically when the projector is turned off. This way unit is kept inconspicuous while its interior also protected from dust. The projector is subtle yet dynamic. It is better than a normal projector, in the sense it is more lifestyle-friendly. The projector has to be placed just a few metres away from your wall or screen. It offers a range of display sizes, right from 80 inches to 120 inches can be created. It is perfect for homes of all sizes. This project makes use of Sony’s TRILUMINOS Display technology. It creates incredibly true, natural shades of color.This Sony projector produces a beautiful 2500 lumen brightness. All of the beautiful details that you expect of your media are captured by the projector. The Ultra-Short Throw 4K is quick and rapid in its working. The projector uses Sony’s 4K SXRD projection technology to produce a blur-free image. This Sony projector is perfect for home of all sizes.

3. Xperia Touch:

Xperia Touch

On the third position, there is the Xperia Touch, which comes with a fixed battery that allows you to take it out and about. The Xperia Touch is basically a large tablet screen put on a nearby surface. But to work well enough to use in daily life, the Xperia Touch has to have a certain brightness intensity. The larger body of Xperia Touch allows for more powerful optics and lamps. The Xperia Touch is really not a portable device. The Xperia Touch is built with the latest Sony intelligence. It’s a portable projector that’s remarkably smart. The Xperia Touch is surprisingly easy to use. Your finger will be picked up easily despite feeling like it should be hard to register. But with the Xperia Touch, the shadows don’t really get in the way. It has laser sensors working out where your digits are. Xperia Touch responds to multiple touches at once. The Xperia Touch has a range of apps available that are tailored specifically to the tablet. But these are obviously limited at the moment. But the demos of these apps are pretty good.

4. LG ProBeam

LG ProBeam 02

Next up, there is the ProBeam from LG, which is a laser projector. The projector has a compact design, yet is filled with many features. The ProBeam is for those who want a portable projector at home with a dedicated screen. LG claims that the ProBeam is the first projector to be able to give out a picture of up to 2,000 lumens in brightness. LG ProBeam consists of a unique four-corner keystone and vertical auto keystone. This easily helps for image adjustment. The ProBeam offers Bluetooth streaming. This is done in addition to Miracast for mobile phone mirroring. The projector comes with a set of smart TV features with the company’s WebOS on board. The webOS feature onboard makes video streaming super easy. The ProBeam offers full HD resolution. The sound Sync Adjustment on the ProBeam prevents audio lag over Bluetooth. It is made highly portable with the I-shaped laser engine.

5. Moonlite:


On the fifth and final position, there is the Moonlite projector that combines traditional storybooks with modern technology. This makes reading fun for your kids. It comes with HD Projections and great sound effects. It also has a read-a-long features. Moonlite transforms storytime into a magical event that both children and parents look forward to. Moonlite is very easy to use. You simply attach Moonlite to your phone and insert a story reel. Then open the Moonlite app and simple start reading to your child. The story appears on the screen of your phone and this happens within the Moonlite app. It makes it easy to read while projecting the images. The Moonlite app also contains sound effects and read-a-long features. These features make the reading experience even more immersive and engaging for your child. With the help of full-color HD projections and sound effects, a simple narration becomes magical. The idea is to merge the digital and physical books into one entertaining experience for your kids.


While choosing a projector, it is important figure what type of projector do you need. The place and purpose is also an important factor. So there can be different types of projects. For kids in their play room, for corporate office etc. The decision to choose the right one that suits you is a bit difficult, but we just made it easy.