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Top 5 Products Launched by LG at CES 2018

Top 5 Products by LG at CES 2018

This year among all the major global tech brands that participated in the CES 2018, LG curved out a special place by introducing a whole range of hot new devices. The presence of LG with its futuristic home and entertainment gadgets if not outshined all others at least set the expectations high above. LG unveiled in the event a fresh range of cutting-edge devices. Let’s have a look.



One of the biggest attractions at CES 2018 was LG’s W8 OLED TV which advanced the paper thin design of the earlier W7 OLED TV which was unveiled at CES 2017. LG OLED W8 took the W7 features and designed further ahead with more appealing attributes like deeper blacks, more vivid colours and absolutely stunning image quality. W8 is less than 3mm in thickness, and it offers a minimalistic design by putting all the TV hardware components except the display inside the sound bar connected to it.

Some of the key takeaways from this stunning TV include stunning picture quality with cutting-edge OLED TV technology and Dolby Atmos audio to deliver crisp, cinema-quality sound. It also comes with LG α9 intelligent TV processor to deliver absolutely clear and detailed pictures with true to life colours and fast-paced response time for a smart TV environment.

Some of the key W8 TV features include LG’s 4K Cinema HDR, an array of multiple HDR formats including Dolby Vision, Technicolor Advanced HDR, HLG and HDR10). Thanks to the “active HDR” technology of LG the image quality can also be improved from HDR10 to HLG content through dynamic image analysis and precise tone mapping. It is also the first AI-powered TV from the company with integrated support for Google Assistant and deep machine learning.

2) LG HU80KA 4K Projector

LG HU80KA 4K Projector

While the LG 2018 TV lineup is in the centre of attractions as company’s offerings at CES this year, the new LG HU80KA 4K Projector capable of delivering a huge 150-inch image on any flat surface with crystal clarity makes even the 88-inch OLED look much smaller and dwarfed.

Apart from absolutely stunning large-screen pictures HU80KA also delivers a really compact and easy to handle form allowing you to set it easily on a stand or table for projecting the image with a right height.

Being the brightest projector as of now it delivers a crisp 150-inch dimension of the image with a density of 2,500 lumens which is the sharpest by industry standard concerning HD projectors. Along with this extra brightness, the HU80KA is also equipped to deliver high dynamic range through HDR10. There are also two built-in 7-watt speakers to deliver awesomely robust and crystal clear sound. Apart from that, you can also connect it with all kinds of external speakers either through Bluetooth or through the optical output. The best thing is the projector comes with an array of inbuilt streaming apps including Netflix, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.



LG at the CES 2018 also launched another flagship TV with advanced features and stunning visual quality, and it is none other than the AI OLED E8. It offers the same 4K HDR performance with the power of the A9 processor.  It is more conventionally designed with a stand along with a slim built. It is uncompromising on the sound output with Dolby Atmos support that delivers crisp clear output from 60W soundbar at the bottom of the TV. LG AI OLED E8 will be delivered in 55 and 65-inch sizes. It would support all the smart features that LG was keen on introducing in its latest TV range like Google Assistant and voice AI.

4) LG InstaView ThinQ Smart Refrigerator

LG InstaView ThinQ Smart Refrigerator

LG InstaView ThinQ Smart Refrigerator has been one of the few new tech devices to steal the show in this year CES event. It has come with an array of smartest new features along with all the qualities that earlier flagship fridge if the company was known for. It comes with a 29-inch LCD display allowing a large and bright interface along with a futuristic webOS-powered feature set.

LG SMART InstaView™ through an LCD touchscreen panel placed on the door allows you to see all the recipes inside beside allowing you to track contents, play music etc. It comes with Amazon Alexa built in to help to make lists, make orders, playing music, etc. The SmartThinQ™ mobile app allows you to see the things in your fridge even when you are not at home and control it remotely.

5) LG ThinQ Speaker (WK7)

LG ThinQ Speaker (WK7)

LG ThinQ Speaker (WK7) is another cool product from the company at the CES this year. Besides offering full support for Google Assistant to help with voice commands and smart features it delivers unmatched hi-resolution sound quality. It delivers high-fidelity audio output and enhanced vocal clarity thanks to its Meridian Audio technology.

Final Verdict

All these LG devices launched at CES this year has some stunning futuristic attributes with smart features and AI-powered voice controls. We still need to wait a few weeks until the prices and information on availability are announced by the company.