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Top 5 Products Launched with Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Launchpad

To venture into a retail platform, Amazon has unveiled Launchpad for emerging products. It showcases start-up products and provides the makers with marketing and distribution support. The platform now consists more than 200 products from more than 25 accelerators and crowd-funding platforms. The Amazon Launchpad takes care of order fulfillment and customer service for start-ups that lets new companies focus their efforts on the innovation, thus resulting in cooler products than ever before.

1) Hello Charcoal Sense with Sleep Pill

This innovative idea from Hello company has a simple system that helps you understand your sleep, and wakes you up by making you feel great. It monitors the conditions of your bedroom and recognizes your movements during the night. With this combo, one gets to have a better sleep and can understand the quality of their rest. Its smart alarm always wakes you by your set time without making you feel groggy. All the sleep patterns are invisibly tracked by the Sleep Pill that comes with this Charcoal Sense. Sense uses a variety of sensors to monitor the conditions of your environment before and during your sleep. Because of these sensors you get an idea of how light, sound, temperature, humidity and air quality affect your rest. All this is tracked with the help of iOS and Android apps. The device also  supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

2) 3D Sound ONE

3D Sound ONE

Immersive 3D Audio Headphones with Head Tracking is the new tech that is actually more than the classical audio headphones. These have been designed to be extremely comfortable to wear, a priority when playing games or watching movies. The sound of these headphones is unlike anything that you have experienced before. The spatial simulation of sound that is embedded in it produces an experience with unprecedented realism. 3D Sound ONE embeds a low latency with a 9 axis motion tracker that captures tiny and large head movements easily.

One can totally immerse themselves in any activity of video games, music or movies. Specially designed window drivers are used for multichannel audio and one has to use the IOS media player for effective home theater sound. They can be folded and stored and hence quite portable.

3) Rowkin Mini Wireless Headphone

The world’s smallest, wireless, and convenient earbud makes it perfect for any ear. For tech-lovers who like to stay connected, the Rowkin Mini is a revolution in headphones. With an advanced audio decode technology, Rowkin Mini Wireless Headphone enables wireless connections to your smartphones and other Bluetooth devices. It filters ambient noise and enables clearer sound during calls and while listening to music. It also has a unique patented conductive portable charging system, that doesn’t run out of battery. All these design elements make the Rowkin Mini perfect for running, going to the gym, and other activities.

4) LaMetric Wi-Fi Clock with Apps

LaMetric Wi-Fi Clock with Apps

LaMetric Wi-Fi Clock tracks time, weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, followers, news almost in real-time. It connects to IFTTT and display notifications or launch actions with the click of a button. You receive key information at a glance, all in one place. It displays what matters to you and surrounding in a simple way with bright, sharp, square pixels. The combination of useful information and pixel art creates the unique charm of this product.

5) Olive ONE All-In-One HD Home Music Player

Olive ONE Home Music Player gives access to all types of music by a simple touchscreen interface. You get to see an amazing quality of sound technology. With an open architecture for app developers and artist, one can design their ONE in the most amazing colors and designs. Music stored on ONE’s internal HDD plays instantly, and can be mixed any way without any advertising breaks.