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Top 5 Products Announced at MWC 2016

Top 5 Products One would Expect at MWC 2016

Many products were announced at the Mobile World Congress 2016 and made quite a splash. Here are the top 5 products announced during MWC 2016 that made a huge impression:

1. Sony Xperia Projector Concept with Gesture Control

Sony Xperia Projector MWC 2016

The future concept of projectors has finally been launched by Sony Xperia at MWC 2016. It will undoubtedly stimulate communication through an interactive interface and will be voice and gesture controlled like a smartphone. This device looks like a NAS drive which allows you to beam images to a clear screen, and then control what you’re seeing.

This portable projector is said to enrich, empower and stimulate creative family communication as it intends to furnish you with useful information, communication assistance and home appliance controls.

2. LG VR 360

LG VR 360

LG has announced its biggest launch VR headset called the “LG 360 VR “. LG is diving deeper in to virtual reality therefore it unveiled its own headset. Unlike other headsets this headset is just tethered to the LG G5 via a USB cable. This headset has a resolution of 639 ppi. The LG goggles weigh only 118g and is able to view 360-degree images and videos easily. The display area is about what you would expect from looking at the outside of the device but It won’t be a device for immersion.

LCD display serves up 960 x 720 pixels per eye and there’s both a proximity sensor and a six axis accelerometer and gyroscope for head tracking. The LG noted that the company does want to let other handsets work with the goggles in the future though. We’ll surely get to know that LG 360 VR is worth considering as an alternative to cheap Cardboard viewers.

3. Motorola Verve Ones+

Motorola Verve Ones+

Motorola’s Verve Ones+ is quietly showing off its wireless headphone world. They offer a pretty familiar design when compared to other fully wireless earbud pairs we’ve seen. But the single button on the side of each bud acts as a pause/play button by default and controls several functions.

Motorola have claimed a 12-hour battery life for it which comes with a case that doubles as a charging cradle. They’re also waterproof rated to IP57 and has built-in dual microphones specially for hands-free calls.

The brightly colored Verve Ones+ are meant for sportier types and this product might be available in the month of April. The price will be approximately $300 for the Verve Ones+.

4. ZTE Spro Plus Smart Projector

ZTE Spro Plus Smart Projector

The Chinese firm ZTE has created a mobile device that aims to be a projector first, tablet second. Combining the functions of a smartphone, projector, mobile hotspot, and USB battery ZTE has taken its crazy combination device ideas further than ever.  The ZTE Spro plus smart projector uses laser projection tech. It has a massive 500 lumens maximum brightness which can beam images up to 70-inches across. With Dual JBL, 4W Dolby Digital sound speakers it has a voluminous sound. Also with a 100mAh battery, it will offer “up to six hours of projection time” off a single charge. Whether it will be powerful than its predecessors will be determined by its price that is yet to be announced.

5. Huawei Matebook Lunched at MWC 2016

Huawei Matebook

The Chinese brand’s MateBook is its first Windows 10 product, and even though it’s far from perfect, there’s plenty to look up to. It has taken some of its design cues from other companies but its built-in laser pointer on one end that you can use to emphatically circle or underscore key points will drive you nuts.

It automatically prompts you when you switch from tablet mode to PC mode. The tablet also packs a USB Type-C port, for your charging and data transfer needs.

At 12-inches, the display on the MateBook matches up to the Surface Pro 4 displaying plenty of brightness with accurate colors. Availability for the Huawei MateBook is still under wraps but still Huawei has once again proved it knows how to design a fantastic piece of tech.