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Top 5 productivity apps for your New Year resolution

We are back with the top 5 apps of the week and this time it is time for the apps which are unique yet so handy that they will blow your mind. You will be surprised when you see the features of these apps, you have never even thought that you would need an app which will make those tiresome jobs easy and hassle free. Let us take a look at these handy utility apps which you should start using if you are not already using it.


If you are someone who loves travelling or always on the run then Currency is the app for you where it is easy to convert into more than 160 currencies from around the world. It works well in offline mode too, so not to worry when you are stuck up in a place with no internet. The app is always updated with the latest and rise and fall in the market. The interface of the app is simple and beautiful. The app also has charts with updates from the past six months which makes it easier for us to drive any conclusion. The best is you can select a list of favourites like Australian dollar, drams etc. The app has recently been updated for iOS 7. The Currency iOS app is available for download here, at $0.99 USD.


What would you say If I told you that a to-do list comes with a personality? You would say that I am joking, but I am not. Carrot is a personalised app and a very cruel task master that compels you to follow your tasks seriously. You don’t want to let her down. And again, if you don’t let her down, you are duly rewarded for that. The Carrot app has a beautiful, gesture driven interface. There are more than four hundred rewards which you will get to know as and when you clear them. The Carrot app comes at a price of meagre $2.99 and you can download here.


Are you the kind of person whose productivity has been hit an all time low recently are looking for a productivity app which saves you from procrastination, then Clear is the app you should install today itself. It is a revolutionary productivity app which works on a plain gesture driven design which allows the focus to be on the to-do lists itself. You can make separate lists to organise yourself, like a list for office work, home work, list for kids etc. The app provides iCloud sync which is a relief and you can set reminders so that you never forget any important tasks. There is only one universal download for both the iPhone and the iPad. The Clear app is not free and you will have to shell out $4.99 to make your life productive. Download here and make your life awesome.


There is so much content floating on the internet at a given time that it is difficult to track the best articles you come across or an article that you think you will read it when you have time and then forget about it or you don’t have a track about where it was posted. Instapaper is the app which allows us to save an article at anytime and you can access it from anywhere and the best part is that it is offline, so no problem with internet connectivity too. You can customise the font, color and background themes of the articles according to your liking. There is an excellent option of having the articles in the Text-to-speech format where you just plugin your headphones and relax. You can connect the app with your kindle account. The Instapaper iOS app is available for download here.


Productivity has hit an all time low in the recent times and with an like Strides, you can manage your time effectively and get more done in the same amount of time. Strides helps you to track your goals and list them in a single place where in you get custom reminders about getting a task done and beautiful charts to track your progress and motivate you along the way. The Strides app is priced strategically at $3.99 and there is even an update coming up with latest bug fixes and faster logging in the app. You can download the Strides iOS app here.

I hope that these productivity apps will help you manage a successful work-life balance and will get more work in the same time frame, giving you ample time to spend with your loved ones. If you know about any such apps, you can mention it in the comments below.