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Top 5 Predictions for the Facebook F8 Developer Conference 2016

F8 Developer Conference 2016

Facebook’s annual F8 Developer Conference 2016 is soon going to start Tomorrow, and analysts are expecting whirlwind changes in the social media site. One can even expect chatbots to be running on the site. Who knows, one might land up with conversations as a service. The event is scheduled in San Francisco for this Tuesday and Wednesday, towards developers which also includes insight about Facebook and its newest initiatives.

Here are the top five predictions for innovations expected for the F8 Developer Conference 2016.

1) Chatbots

Chatbots are more like virtual agents who are able to mimic human conversation with the help of AI.  They could be the option to replace 1-800 numbers, as Facebook wants them to be integrated on Messenger. For businesses with no resources to build chatbots themselves, one can rely on Facebook to provide developers with relevant API tools and Live Chat web plug-ins. The Chatbots are expected to be announced at the F8 developer conference 2016.

Facebook includes a directory for marketing partners that lets businesses find technology connects people with ads, content, measurement and the like. Although Facebook hasn’t formalized or named a Messenger platform partner program, one can expect some major changes here.

2) Facebook Live

Facebook is working with Live Chat developers who can build some new messaging buttons for websites. These sections will help push customers to mail them or call them so that they can talk to Human support instead of just a plain Messenger chat.

When tapped, Live Chat buttons will bounce different users over to the Messenger app either on the mobile or the desktop. Users should be able to get receipts  based on the integrations built with Facebook’s Chat SDK along with important APIs.

3) Virtual Reality Programming

Facebook had bought Oculus VR for a gigantic $2 billion last year since most people in the company believe that virtual reality is the future of interaction and entertainment. The Oculus VR and the strategic steps by the company in VR is bound to land at the F8 conference. At Mobile World Congress in February, there were rounds of images with Zuckerberg promoting Samsung VR headsets.

Facebook might be opting for taking VR as a mass-market medium for lots of entertainment and interaction. Additionally, it is keen on expanding the number of internet users through various approaches. Some analysts presume that the company will use Artificial intelligence to filter the noise and understand the social world context better.

Although there is no talk about designing and delivering an affordable, and comfortable VR headset for all types of people, one might expect some news on this topic during the conference.

4) eCommerce Tools for Messenger

One can imagine businesses buying ads from the social kingpin and hence even a simple Messenger conversation has the business potential of big transactions. With a live chatbot making inroads, one can expect humans to answer these pings with the Click To Message ads. One can expect businesses lap up more such eCommerce tools for Messenger to integrate their business online better.

5) Advertising Options for Publishers

Facebook is not charging developers with subscription charges or anything else to work on their platform. However, Facebook can derive money from its chatbots and even the live chat customer support functionality.

Chatbots as mentioned might be used to initiate conversations. We  can presume Facebook to allow advertising within the Messenger itself. Some insiders revealed that the plan is too seep in monetization right inside the interactions with the biggest brands in its platform. One can expect advertisers able to pay to send marketing messages for getting people interested in their offerings or the brand itself.