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Top 5 Portable Hard-drives you need to know about

LaCie Thunderbolt

We are back with the Top 5 of the week and this time it is time for those portable hard drives. Remember the times when there was no concept of a portable hard drive just because there was no need, maybe. But since the arrival of Portable hard drives, it has made our tasks easier as transferring large amounts of data, it is very difficult to use a normal hard disk and transferring by flash drives is not feasible at all. Imagine transferring all seasons of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad through a flash drive. It will take loads of time and not feasible. So, we have come up with the list of Top 5 Portable Hard-drives you need to know about.

LaCie Thunderbolt

The next in the list is LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt the primary feature is the Thunderbolt speed upto 387 MB/s which is a dream come true along with USB 3.0 for universal connectivity. It is Bus powered which ensures complete mobility. The portable drive is Shock, dust and water resistant for rugged use. A user friendly software suite is already is included in the drive with password protection and automatic backup features.

Seagate Seven

Seagate Seven portable hard drive

Could you imagine a thin chip transferring large gigabytes of data? Yes it seems like it is possible and Seagate is the first one to launch the same named “Seagate Seven”. It is as thin as 7 mm which is very thin as compared to other portable hard drives available in the market. It comes with high quality USB 3.0 cable and Seagate Dashboard loaded on the drive and comes with a 2 year limited warranty. It is build of 100% stainless steel which makes it elegant as well as rugged.

Armor A60

Armor A60 portable hard drive

Ever wished you too had those portable drives carried by the military and intelligence seen in movies? Armour 60 portable drives are just like the that, if looks could kill then Armor 60 would have been the best of the five portable drives. It is loaded with a suppressed USB 3.0. The drive is shockproof as well as water proof, I have just mentioned the ruggedness of the portable drive. The design of the portable hard drive is very elegant at the same time protected with anti-slip and anti-scratch surface. If you are the kind of person who is always dropping devices here and there then Armor 60 is the portable hard drive you should opt for.

Samsung SSD 850 PRO


Samsung has always been a strong contender when it comes to technology products and the name manages to pop up in each and every category, seems like you can’t miss Samsung enough. The flash memory for Samsung SSD 850 PRO has been fabricated using an innovative 3D V-NAND architecture. It stacks 32 cell layers on top of one another to decrease the length and width to fit in thin devices. And what you get is a high density, and improved performance using a smaller footprint.

WD Passport Wireless

WD My Passport Wireless Portable Drive

Who can forget WD, when it comes to portable hard drives because WD is one of the pioneers of the passport sized hard drives and it was a cool quotient among geeks when they flashed their WD passports. Going wireless is the best WD could manage as managing less wires in your normal day decreases stress literally. There is a built in SD card slot in the drive and a rechargeable battery to keep you going for longer durations. Internet Sharing is easy and password protection is good to keep the privacy intact.

So, these are the top five portable hard drives of the week and you can give your inputs if you would like to discuss about portable drives of the future, you can mention it in the comments below.