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The Top 5 Pet Trackers of 2017

Whistle 3

Our pets are not just our pets, they are more than that. They are our family members. We all like to take good care of our pets. And we want that the pet receives the same care when we are not around. But work and other social obligations often drive you away from your pet and you have to leave them alone for a while. This is why we need Pet Trackers. This week, we have listed the best pet trackers currently available in the market. These capable pet wearables can help make sure your dog or cat is both safe and healthy with the help of location and activity tracking.

1. Whistle 3:

At the top of the list, we have a small and light pet tracker named Whistle 3. It has a low initial cost and a long battery life. There is no need for a base station. You can set up multiple safe zones. The Whistle 3 works with cats. The problem is that it has a lag for initial notification when pet travels out of safe zone. Also, it deletes tracked info every 24 hours. The Whistle 3’s price, size, and battery life makes it to the top of the list for pet activity and location trackers.

2. FitBark Dog Activity Monitor:

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

On the second position, it is the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor. It is an easy-to-understand activity information. This pet tracker is very light and unobtrusive. It easily attaches to any collar/harness. FitBark Monitor has a long battery life and is also waterproof. The pet tracker has a web-based dashboard. Its social aspect helps compare canines. The problem with FitBark Monitor is that it lacks Wi-Fi. So you must buy a base station for off site monitoring. The FitBark Activity Monitor is an affordable, unobtrusive fitness tracker. It takes your dog’s total physical activity into account.

3. Link AKC Smart Collar:

Link AKC Smart Collar
The Link AKC Smart Collar is a high-quality leather collar. This collar comes with an intuitive app. It also has an LED night light in tracker. The collar can store maps and images of tracked activity. The disadvantages of the Link AKC Smart Collar are that it is pricey and bulky. If you have a bigger house, you may require additional base stations. The problem with the Link AKC Smart Collar is that it is a bit big and pricey compared with other options.

4. Nuzzle GPS Collar:

Nuzzle GPS Collar

The Nuzzle GPS Collar is an attractive option on the list of pet trackers as it has no monthly fees. The collar comes with two batteries. It also has a 30-day money back guarantee. The Nuzzle GPS Collar easily works with cats. The only cons on the collar are that it has high initial cost and a short battery life. Also, it has minimal alert options and its activity tracking isn’t robust. The Bluetooth safe zone issues are still in testing process. The Nuzzle GPS Collar tracks your pet’s location and activity without a service fee. But it does not do it as reliably as some trackers that require a subscription.

5. PetPace Collar:

PetPace Collar

At the end of the list, we have the PetPace Collar. The PetPace Collar tracks heart rate, respiration, temperature, and calorie burn in addition to activity. The PetPace Collar has easy-to-understand readings. The collar is water-resistant and has a long battery life. But it has an expensive monthly or annual fee. The collar requires Gateway that must plug into a home router. Also, its web-based dashboard is only for vets. The PetPace Collar measures a lot more than just your dog or cat’s activity levels. But this tracker requires a pricey subscription fee.


Different pet trackers have different features. Some of them have a good GPS system while another might be a cheap option with a good battery. But it totally depends on you which pet trackers you gonna choose. It all depends on your needs and requirements.