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Top 5 OnePlus 6 Rumours That You Need To Know

OnePlus 6

Rumours spread about a new device when expectations run high, and in that respect, the new OnePlus 6 is getting unprecedented attention from all around as one of the most advanced phones in the budget flagship category. After the current OnePlus 5T gained huge popularity by offering real value as a budget smartphone, the company is keen to smoothen out the bumps with this new release. For example, OnePlus 5 had some issues concerning security besides not being able to play Netflix and this new phone is expectedly going to address these shortcomings.

While rumours and expectations run galore on this cutting-edge flagship, there are certain things we can be sure about this new Flagship from the Chinese manufacturer. First of all, as a budget smartphone it is going to dash its way among the most advanced smartphones in the market today while still offering a big price advantage to the customers looking for high-end specs packed in a powerful phone. Secondly, this one smartphone is going to inspire many budget smartphone manufacturers to aim for the top tire when conceptualising their flagships. In that respect, it is really an ambitious smartphone.

But it is equally important to do away with the rumours and getting to the most credible speculations about this cutting-edge flagship. Here we explain top 5 OnePlus 6 rumours and the way you can address them.

1) The glass back and notch like iPhone X

The biggest rumour about the upcoming OnePlus 6 concerns its glass back and top of the screen notch. Undoubtedly, both these design attributes can take this smartphone closer to iPhone X in look and feel. If we are to believe a pair of recently leaked images of the projected OnePlus 6 in Weibo, the rumour seemed to have already taken over the web. How credible is this? Is the upcoming device going to sport a notch and a glass back just like the iPhone X?

Though we cannot be sure of what is really going to follow with the actual launch, both seem to enjoy huge support from the reviewers and enthusiasts. The rumour looks credible as per many accounts but if they become at all true, it would really make a great value proposition as a budget smartphone.

2) Fingerprint sensor vs face unlocking

We are not sure of whether the new OnePlus 6 will share some design similarities with the iPhone X by sporting a top notch and a glass back, but we can assuredly bet for a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. The fingerprint scanner is likely to be positioned just underneath a dual camera set. The company earlier offered in both its OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T the Face Unlock feature and the same is likely to be present in the new flagship as well. But it is very unlikely for the company to offer an all-in-one Face Unlock just as it is with the Apple iPhone X.

3) Breaking the latest barrier of the chipset

Another major rumour that is making rounds regarding this flagship is the introduction of a completely new processor instead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which almost became the latest standard for the majority of Android flagships. Given the state of things, as they stand with the latest Android smartphones, such a shift to a more powerful chipset with this new device is very unlikely. Many still consider that the company can surprise the market with a lightning fast processor capable to deliver AnTuTu score of 276,510 in processor speed. The credibility of such an expectation is yet to be established.

4) Bang on the dual cameras

Certain rumours about the upcoming OnePlus 6 seems to enjoy more grounds and one of them is concerning its dual camera set. According to many credible reports and visuals floated over the web OnePlus 6 will be able to offer top-notch image output with sharp visual depth thanks to its dual camera set loaded with 16 and 20-megapixel lenses.

In the meantime, some experts argue that the main camera of this dual camera setup will boast of rather a 12MP sensor instead of 16MP as expected by many. As for the placing of the camera, the new device will retrieve from its horizontally placed cameras as with all earlier OnePlus phones and will rather choose to place them vertically.

5) Most ambitious pricing for the company

One big rumour that is making rounds is about the price of OnePlus 6 to be a really ambitious one like $749 which is still cheaper than top players like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X. But even such a price tag is actually enough to dodge it out of the budget smartphone category and this seems very unlikely to happen considering its predecessor OnePlus 5 costing only $479.


By going through all the rumours and predictions that are making rounds regarding this smartphone, it is quite clear that it is very likely to become a cutting-edge flagship offered still within a reachable budget.