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Top 5 Music Streaming Sites for the Avid Music Lovers!

Music Streaming

As CDs migrated to vinyl and iTunes grew from CDs, music streaming sites are now taking precedence over iTunes for several music lovers. With a burgeoning number of streaming services available, music lovers have several options for satisfying their music streaming tastes. Music lovers are now becoming increasingly finicky in their tastes in choosing a service. Here are some of the best music streaming services available on the web.


While it doesn’t have the most subscribers, Spotify is known to be the best of the streaming pack with 40 million users and nearly a whopping 10 million paying subscribers till now, Spotify boasts of a huge music library with 20 million songs of different genres. The service is free for users who do not have a problem with ads. But for those who need premium subscription, Spotify Premium, costs about $9.99 per month. While Spotify is certainly a great service, the UI is not very easy to use compared with other streaming services. This service operates on all major mobile operating systems.

With millions of tracks on Spotify, one can choose an ideal song while working out, partying or even just relaxing. One can even choose good music from the collections of friends, artists and celebrities and even create a personal radio station.



Pandora is a world-wide music streaming music recommendation service which was initiated through the Music Genome Project. The service is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Musical selections of different genres are played based on the user’s artist preferences. The user provides feedback for songs chosen by the service which then provides other musical numbers based on interest.

Users can even buy the songs or albums through online retailers. Many attributes are considered when selecting the songs for users and referred to at focus traits. Some of the traits include rhythm syncopation, tonality, vocal harmonies, and even proficiency of instruments.

Since it provides a “radio” type service, listeners can choose music based on what they like. With 1 million songs and costing starting from $4.99 per month, Pandora is a trade-off compared to other musical services. The service has a web app and mobile apps for different platforms too.



Rdio is comparatively similar to Spotify in pricing and music catalog service and even in terms of its availability on different platforms. But some users suggest that Rdio is better to use, with a better UI than Spotify. The service has nearly 500,000 subscribers. One can choose from countless music stations to create a person radio station based on mood. You can create and share playlists and even get recommendations based on preferences.

One can even stream or download songs and albums according to their interest and even add new songs quickly due to a fantastic UI.



Tidal is a music streaming service that helps users to seamlessly listen to several songs across mobile, tablet, desktop and through any network. The service also provides lossless music streaming service that is inherent on Apple devices from iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Tidal also boasts of integration with high fidelity network players including Sonos, Linn, Auralic, Amarra sQ, Wadia, Meridian and many others.

With more than 25 million tracks with lossless quality, Tidal has an increasing user base. It also consists of more than 75,000 music videos and recommendations given by experienced music journalists. The integrated music articles, features and interviews also provide great insight into the music.

Google Play Music Streaming

Google Play

Now here is a radio without rules where you can personalize your own radio station based on your music preferences and skip as many tracks as you like. Choose from a huge list of artists, albums, songs and genres to create a personal radio station that will update itself based on the genre of music you like.

Google Play Music also includes the entire of library of Spotify and enhances next level, offering a whopping 22 million songs. Not only that, but if a user can’t find the song, they can upload the music to their account to stream. This is part of Google’s unlimited streaming service, and costs $9.99 per month. It has a web-based app and mobile apps too.