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The Top 5 Monitors for 2016 are here!

Top 5 Monitors for 2016

There are rumors doing the rounds about several 4K movies being released and the resolution being one of the defining characteristics of the future. But one cannot rely on much footage till mid-2016 since there are not much changes expected in the segment this year with Netflix, Sony and Amazon offering streaming-only services for some specific models of smart TV.

One can expect Ultra HD to replace full HD in high-resolution video and each of the players have introduced their versions of displays with pixels packed in tightly that is indiscernible to human eye. By going beyond traditional device displays, one can expect the monitors capitalize on the best features one could offer, this year. Here are the top 5 monitors for 2016 that will surely attract attention.

1. Philips BDM4065UC

Philips BDM4065UC

The huge Philips BDM4065UC is one of the top 5 monitors and an ideal one for those who prefer large desktop monitors or a screen that can prove to be an efficient stand-in for a PC home-cinema system. With an outstanding contrast ratio and terrific colour accuracy, it is a winner by all standards. Some users may still find the lighting a bit uneven along with some subtle flickering that ruins some images.

With its advanced vertical alignment technology, it provides high static contrast ratios thus rendering vivid and bright images. It is suitable to view photos, browse the web, watch movies, play high resolution games, and even run demanding graphical apps. It has an immense 176/176 degree extra wide viewing angle too.

2. Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD Monitor


The Dell UP3214Q is an extremely pricey display, but surely, compared to other currently available 4K monitors of its size, it is reasonable enough. The high resolution coupled by superb image quality makes it a great buy. But it does require careful setup and operation since the display comes with some complications for the average user.

Priced at $1599, it delivers consistent colour precision with four different colour spaces that makes it an ideal display for designers and the like. It has magnificent detailing at 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD 4K resolution, making it four times better than the average Full HD monitors.

3. LG 34UM95

LG 34UM95

The LG 34UM95 is an incredible super-wide panel that delivers a fantastic panoramic experience, unlike any of its peers. If you are habitual of using two or more displays. the LG 34UM95 delivers a single expansive screen estate that is like no other. It has incredible workstation potential and is a terrific buy for production engineers who are used to working on cinemascope-width films too.

Its 21:9 aspect ratio is especially for rare widescreen shots which are used in feature films, that are usually shot in the ratio of 2.39:1. LG’s marketing audacity involves its 10-bit colour display pitch which in reality is an 8-bit colour display, but it does recreate colours softly without any colour banding whatsoever. Also, the measured luminance uniformity is incredibly impressive at the high resolution.

4. Acer S277HK

Acer S277HK

As one of the top 5 monitors for this year, the Acer S277HK is an impactful display which is priced reasonably well and boasts of a beautiful angular white and silver design. The good image quality is dimmed because of the anti-reflective film. It does include a height stand or VESA mount that will help on its choosy ergonomics. At around £500, the display is well worth it considering it performs well as a 27-inch UHD IPS display, compared to other displays in the market.

5. Samsung UD970

Samsung UD970

The £999.00–priced Samsung UD970 is another pricey display which justifies its price because of its excellent image quality and terrific image consistency on all corners. Its 4K UHD resolution, delivers accurate colour rendition while its flexible display modes make it an ideal choice for photographers, designers and graphic artists. It might not be an ideal gaming display at the price or even a single multimedia display too, since it does feature lower contrast than other monitors in the market that boast of a cheaper price too.