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Top 5 luxury smartphones that cost a fortune

vertu luxury smartphones

It is midway through the week and we are back with our favourite article, that is the top 5 of the week and this time we bring you the top 5 extremely costly, good for nothing smartphones that you should avoid buying just for the sake of it and instead invest in half a dozen more devices with the same amount that you save from not buying one of these phones.


Vertu, the handmade phones from England has to be at the top of the most expensive phones in the world and it has been under the scanner ever since it’s inception by the Finnish Mobile giant Nokia in 1998. The Signature Touch phones have a blend of cutting edge technology, chic design and one of the finest handcrafted materials. Each and every phone is handmade by highly dextrous craftsman. Many blogs have written off Vertu phones saying that it is tasteless piece of technology and in no ways can a phone be so expensive and useful at the same time. The Vertu phones for Bentley and Ferrari are just made not for common people and are not even seen among common people.

Lamborghini Phones

Lamborghini Mobile

Lamborghini, even the name suggests that anything under the banner of Lamborghini would be royal just like the cars from Lamborghini. 88 Tauri is the latest phone from Lamborghini which stands out for its epic features which marks an update in technology and it is certified by a Limited Edition badge, of course such phones are limited edition as normal people have homes to buy and have to pay for their kids’ college fees. The 88 Tauri is a 2.3 GHz quad core processor with 3GB RAM which gives lightning quick performance to the uber cool Lamborghini smartphone.



Well if you think Apple’s iPhones are costly try buying a Mobiado phone which starts with as low as $1,600 which is hilariously overpriced and a cause of concern when we take into consideration the brand attached to it and the actual feature packed phone. Mobiado uses top quality material and components and been making an eye candy of a mobile since its inception in 2004. But, unlike Vertu these phones have been rigid and hardly changed over time which is a no-no for any technology brand that has a certain reputation attached to their name. The company claims that it is the thinnest luxury phone ever but they are afraid to provide the figures to match this study.

VIPN Black Diamond

VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone

The much acclaimed Black Diamond has been designed by Singapore based designer Jaren Goh and it is said to be the rarest mobile on earth. Only five such mobiles were made by the Swiss company VIPN for mobile giant Sony Ericsson. The design of the phone is slight off set and they have used two small real diamonds in the making of the phone. These diamonds are 3 carat on the rear end of the phone and 0.25 carat on the buttons. The phone has 2007 vintage edition material used in the phone and has a 4 MP camera and it makes one hell of a buy, if you manage to get your hands on this vintage edition phone.



Gresso is a well known company in the luxury smartphone circuit and they have made a limited edition 100 devices of the Radical Black Collection in titanium, yellow gold and white gold colours and in the price range of $2000 to $3000, the price of a dozen iPhone 6 Plus. Recently, they have added the Radical Black collection. These phones have titanium sensor keys, manually assembled and a rich black and protective PVD case coating.

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