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Top 5 Keynote from Android N Developer Preview 2

Android N Developer Preview 2

Google recently launched the second release of Android N developer preview wherein developers can start testing each of the features manually after downloading it from the site. Some of the phones have received the update. The search giant launched the first Android N developer preview in the past month. With Android N, the company has scheduled the event I/O 2016 for May 18 – 20, this year.

Google is updating the preview of its latest Android update and in recent reports, factory images of Android N Developer Preview 2 were revealed. The best thing about the now-public Android beta program is that one can install the same on Nexus 6P, 5X, or Pixel C with the over-the-air update that one can find in the Settings menu. Or else just grab the files to get going with it.

1. Vulkan

Vulkan is the definitive 3D rendering API that will deliver explicit, GPU control to developers with low overheads. With a major boost in performance to handle heavy applications, analysts presume some synthetic benchmarks that will let users witness 10 times the throughput on a single core compared to the same in OpenGL ES. Vulkan is surely bracing up to be a major breakthrough here. It is developed by Khronos Group, who are the makers of OpenGL and the additional standards which are part of the entire package. All CPU-bound processes are now going for a major shift over to the GPU. The NDK site consists all instructions on the same.

The new update is expected to facilitate “significant” performance improvements reserved especially for graphic-intensive apps which is now on most Samsung flagship smartphones, which have already been benefitted owing to its fluid performance.

2. Incredible Launcher Shortcuts

Most of us would love to have the smart little launcher shortcuts on their Android phone to ease accessibility. With the latest update, one can define three to five shortcuts through the launcher. It will touch upon the best points within your app. For example the messaging app will include sending messages to best friends, maps will include the shortcut to search for home address, or the media app will include the option to play your favourite playlist. Launcher shortcuts can be created by apps with the most intended actions to make it easy for users.

3. Emoji Unicode 9 Support

The new emoji design does differ from the generic look so that it now looks more like humans. Google is now keen to get such emojis used in most apps especially the communication and messaging apps. There would be options for including skin tone variations along with specific Unicode 9 glyphs.

The new emoji design for people moves away from the regular designs and is actually better than the default icons in Android. The new emojis also does away with confusion related to the expressions and will soon be standard in every messaging app. The new realistic style opts for skin tone changes,  while the Unicode standard will include bacon, facepalm, etc. Say bye to the blob-face emotions and activities.

4. API Changes

Most Nexus gadgets will be looking forward for much better battery management features owing to the new API changes with improved notifications, and proper multitasking as part of its attributes. The new set of APIs are set to demarcate the features of N version with several efficient measures.

5. Encouragement for Bug fixes

Developers can now check for known issues and rectify them. One can find new bugs and then get them reported to Google through the Android N Developer Preview issue tracker or you can even approach the Android N preview community for the same.