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Top 5 iPhone 7 Specifications expected to be Announced Soon

iPhone 7

Apple will unveil its latest iPhone 7 at a launch event scheduled in San Francisco’s famous auditorium on September 7, 2016. Delivering many big changes from their past devices of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, Apple is expected to introduce a bunch of new specifications and features to its best-selling smartphone.

There are rumors that it will be available to pre-order immediately, and will go on sale on 16 September starting at £539.

In this new addition, we might get to see some changes like dual-camera at the rear, the OLED screen and elimination of the headphone jack that may give a new look the device. It is but sure that the performance of the device will increase, as there will be a new Apple A10 processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage will be standard.

Some of the features of iPhone 7 device that are rumored are mentioned here:

1. End of Home Button & Headphone Jack

In order to save some design space and improve the aesthetics of the device, Apple will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, according to some reports. The company is planning to shift towards wireless headphones or those that could connect to the phone’s Lightning port. As several mobiles have adapted this system we can expect that the Silicon Valley giant will take the plunge on this one.

They will design a new style of the headphone jack, leaving older accessories incompatible. It will probably be similar to the ear pods that will have a Lightning connector instead of the 3.5mm jack which will both individually connect with the iPhone 7 over Bluetooth.

The iPhone 7’s home button, will come with a revamped look that would be able to detect different levels of pressure. Mainly 3D Touch’s peak and press features will replace the home button with a fingerprint scanner under the screen. It will be inbuilt with a haptic feedback technology.

2. OLED & Edge-to-edge Display

Apple is going to release a smartphone with an edge-to-edge screen, with flexible OLED display used in new Samsung mobiles. The look of iPhone 7 showcases the “sidewall displays,” similar to the display found on Galaxy Note Edge specs. The display of the new iPhone looks pretty cool as some of the icons are bigger in font like in a widget type style familiar to those who use Android devices.

3. Face or Iris Recognition Unlocking

Apple’s Face and Iris Recognition unlocking are one of the most welcomed additions to its latest devices removing the need to remember endless passwords. It is introducing a retina scanner or face recognition software to its biometric technology. This new security tech will be well suited to deliver advanced security and ease-of-integration into mobile devices. One can expect iPhone 7 will be the first to feature this new technology.

4. Wireless Charging

Apple is trying to add wireless charging through induction into the next iPhone 7. The company is in search for ways to wirelessly charge the iPhone from a distance, without having to use a charging mat. The makers are exploring some cutting-edge technologies that would allow iPhones to be powered by taking advantage of true Wi-Fi charging that allows devices to be powered automatically. This system will do away with charging pads too. If this thing happens then it will surely be a killer feature of the iPhone 7.

5. Waterproof

Apple is also focusing on delivering an iPhone that survives in water, providing protection for 30 minutes of water submersion up to a depth of 3-6 feet or less. If it incorporates a water-resistant feature in iPhone 7 then it would be one of the top selling points of this edition.

With an exterior coat of electronic components and a protective waterproof material that would prevent the iPhone from getting damaged Apple is expected to advance its wings among other competitors.


We expect a lot more than this from Apple, therefore, we have mentioned some of the implementations, rumours suggest would be the main features of iPhone 7.