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Top 5 iOS 10 Features Revealed at WWDC 2016

Top 5 iOS 10 Features Revealed at WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016 was packed with full of announcements spanning nearly every single one of Apple’s product lines. A developer conference and everyone’s focus was on Apple’s new iOS 10 software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled on stage in California the tenth major release of its mobile operating system: iOS 10.

It is still the smoothest and the fastest mobile operating system, and now with great features packed, it appears to have a major focus on changes for Apple’s individual stock apps rather than a design overhaul. The highlights include a redesigned lock screen with rich notifications, quick interactions with apps, and expanded use of 3D Touch.

Further, we will mention the main five features that Apple highlighted during the Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s hard to piece everything together and determine which feature updates are significant and which are less important.

1. The All New Lock Screen

In iOS 10, Apple has completely redesigned and rebuilt the lock screen. It has a new feature that wakes up to display the lock screen without having to touch any buttons. With this, all the native apps and third-party apps also get an interactive interface without ever leaving the lock screen.

All the notifications are at once displayed with a 3D Touch gesture, and widgets are available on the lock screen with a quick swipe to the right. They are brighter and can be seen without darkening the wallpaper.

2. Emoji Tap and Quick Type Enhancements

The new app by Apple as iMessages is pretty a great combination of SMS and data-sent conversations. Emojis are now three times bigger with special effects that can animate the way chat bubbles appear and throw disco lights, confetti and fireworks into the background. With that, it lets developers customize the messaging experience.

Apple is using deep learning to dramatically improve Quick Type suggestions which will offer your current location as a suggestion. In iOS 10, Quick Type will be used to predict longer context. It can even pull out someone’s contact information, from your Contacts app automatically. It also supports multilingual typing so you can switch between languages while typing text messages.

3. Better Maps

In iOS 10, a new proactive feature is added to Maps along with a complete redesign. It will guide you around traffic to work and give quick access to nearby restaurants when you open the app around dinnertime or book a ride all without ever leaving Maps. The contextual menu in the Maps app will also show you the calendar events of the day, your appointments and the locations of your meetings. Now Apple Maps are a lot better, with a bunch of design tweaks that has the ability to pan and zoom along the route.

4. Apple Music Revamp

In iOS 10, Apple Music has been completely redesigned with a new user interface.  It’s much cleaner than the old one, and the recently played playlist is also easily accessible. The main tabs are now integrated into artist and band pages with a dedicated search tab. It uses a new design language that allows the music to become the hero and discover new music.

5. Siri for Developers

iOS 10 will enable the digital assistant to perform many more tasks since it is now being opened up to developers. Siri also supports messaging commands for apps like Slack and WhatsApp and can comprehend ride booking commands efficiently.

It has got a lot smarter and has the ability to order around Apple’s personal assistant, too. Apple has created a Siri SDK, which means that developers will now be able to incorporate it into their apps at will.

To Conclude,

So with all these new features you will love iOS 10, which is the biggest release at WWDC 2016.