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Top 5 Interesting Games related to US Presidential Election

Get Donald US Presidential Election

Presidential Elections are very important than other elections, and the 2016 Election is one that certainly has that feel about it. As Donald Trump continues to be heard and the Democrats struggle to resonate with voters, it’s to be seen who will come out on tops this year.

Here is a list of top 5 games that one can relate to the US Presidential Election.

1. Get Donald

Get Donald

Get Donald is a fun and engaging game where you try and reach the White house before Donald gets there and then prevent the White House being taken over by Donald. You get some few power-ups on your way which lets you create a brick wall that prevents Donald getting to you.

Get Donald game also has some few surprises as well which you will know only when you play the game. So why to wait, try out this engaging game for iOS and Android and help make America great again by beating Donald Trump.

2. Candidate Crunch

Candidate Crunch

Candidate Crunch is a game to crush the Candidates with silly objects, but also a helpful tool. Firstly, you have to choose your preferred Candidate from the long list including those that might have already bowed out and then you have to stop objects hitting your Candidate. As you help the candidates survive the grueling campaign trail, you’ll unlock collections of crazy customized characters for more entertainment. There are some distinctive features powered by Rock the Vote, to let voters stay up-to-date on voting systems, get important deadlines and more.

This is a nice little app and game combo that, give players of all ages something to do and offers a wide range of surprises in store. Completely free to download and play, this is the perfect game which is wacky yet fun just like the presidential election.

Some unique features:

  • 4th of July Costumes
  • Streamlined user flow
  • Crunch Time to start game
  • Reduced file size of objects
  • A new death element added

3. Punch The Trump

Punch The Trump

Welcome to the Epic Celeb Brawl series featuring the possible next president of the US, Donald Trump. Punch The Trump is an online action game which you can play for free at CrazyGames site or you can download it from the play store.. The popularity of this game is very high, as gamers have played it 168326 times and rated 9.2 / 10 for the gameplay.

You just have to hit Donald Trump, other candidates, and tons of other celebrities in this fun game. You can even get to see the funniest quotes from candidates and popular celebrities as you hit them in the face with different items.

Some of the latest customizations are:

  • You get to hit him with a low and high punch
  • You can buy special weapons, such as a baseball bat, ninja stars, gold bars
  • A special FINISH HIM move is also added at the end

4. Derrota a Trump

Derrota a Trump

In this exciting game, you have to stop Donald Trump become the next president. In this game, you have to fight with his robots who stop you getting to the White House. You can get it free from the play store.

Some new attractions are:

  • You get 3 new game modes
  • Use unlimited power-ups to hit Trump
  • Easy and convenient to share scores on Facebook
  • You get to make friends with global leaders
  • Added with a pause Button to save last updates

5. Trump Dump

Trump Dump

With the recent political phase, game developers are using their talent to express their discontent with the presidential race. Trump Dump is an android mobile game that lets people take their anger out on Trump.

In Trump Dump, you tap the screen to bounce the bird downwards and then you get the opportunity to drop a dump on Trump. The game was released earlier in the year by Daydream.