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Top 5 HomeKit Devices you should be aware of before this fall!!!

HomeKit Devices

Now that HomeKit devices are being shipped, Apple fans are keen to explore the latest collection of HomeKit-certified smart home gadgets and apps.

Here are the top HomeKit devices that are sure to create a flutter in the market owing to their distinct identity and superb feature set.

Insteon Hub

Insteon HomeKit

Insteon is bringing its entire product ecosystem under the HomeKit canopy with its Insteon Hub, which is an expandable system for homes. One can pick and choose HomeKit devices based on their preference and even get related gadgets from other companies. The Hub will bridge all elements to the Insteon gear, letting you control your home through the Insteon+ app. It also supports voice commands through Siri.

HomeKit devices depend on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate, but with a huge family of control devices including lights, plugs, sensors, cameras, switches, and locks, the company uses a different dual-band communication technology for combining the networking. The Insteon Hub costs in the range of $150 and acts as a mediator between the mesh network and the Wi-Fi network.

You can group devices together and control them when you are in a concert. You get a quick-glance view of all devices that are being used currently and you can also set timers for some actions. Add devices with a few taps. What’s more, it supports Apple Watch too!


Elgato Eve

Elgato recently announced its range of smart home HomeKit devices which includes four products, including door/ window sensors that are available at $39.95 for a room sensor. These sensors measure temperature, humidity and air quality for a combined cost of $79.95. these products are available on pre-sales through the Amazon store. Here are the four products under Elgato’s flagship:

  • Eve room – regulates the indoor temperature and humidity by using the air quality sensor
  • Eve weather – helps in regulating temperature, humidity along with air pressure as per requirements
  • Eve door & window – detects the closing and opening of doors and windows
  • Eve energy – switches electrical devices on & off and even analyses energy usage based on regular consumption



The easy-to-use SmartThings app converts your smartphone into a fantastic remote that can control multiple smart HomeKit devices within your home. It lets you control your home elements wherever you are. One can view the current state of usage through the Dashboard, by easily controlling the lights, locks, electronics, sensor-based appliances and other connected devices.

What’s more, SmartThings works with connected devices whenever possible, and adds new devices easily. One can customize the nature of alerts and notifications by keeping a strict eye on all devices.

Trigger actions based on different events too. Customize different actions based on your own availability and when you are asleep, awake, or not present at home so that the home operates on its own and reduces consumption when unnecessary.

Lutron Caseta HomeKit Devices

Lutron Caseta

  • The system receives instructions from smartphones connected to the Wi-Fi network and sends them to switches and window shades through the RF protocol via the Lutron Smart Bridge.
  • The system supports schedules, and can make your home look occupied
  • It can automatically turn on home’s lights when you are near the house through geofencing.
  • Reminders will be issued in case a light is left on when you leave the house

Your phone will act as a remote but in rooms where the lights are installed under three-way control, one would have to disconnect the secondary switch to get a Caseta dimmer installed. Mount a remote there and one can even have wall switches for multiple room entry points.

Friday Lock

Friday Smart Lock

Friday Lock is a bit inconspicuous, since it comes in varied interchangeable styles and materials like wood, steel, and porcelain. Its small dimensions won’t overpower the front door like other smart locks but operates through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth thus allowing easy access to your home.

Friday Smart Lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit helping you to unscrew your deadbolt, insert baseplate, and get the Friday lock attached. One might lose your phone or the juice might get empty but one can still unlock via the web.

Friday instantly transmits alerts in case the door is opened through other means, which means one can even allow friends and family and cancel its settings any time.

The Friday Lock is available at $99 now, much less than its $249 retail price. The wood or bronze versions are priced at $199.