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Top 5 Gift Ideas For Tech-Savvy Kids This Christmas

Kano DIY Computer Kit

The life became tech-savvy for most of us who live in an urban setting. How can our children be left behind when it comes technical abilities and wishes to master gadgets and apps? No, rather they should be introduced to the tech-savvy ways and means of learning, playing games and interacting with the world around. In fact, for kids, there are lots of innovative gadgets coming up that can make them more productive, intelligent and happy. If you are planning a beautiful gift for your cute little one, consider any of the following high tech gift ideas.

1) Kano DIY Computer Kit

Did you hear your kid expressing his heartfelt wish to build games while his addictive affair continues with PlayStation, computer or desktops? Yes, many of us are aware of their growing desire to not only play but get into all that manoeuvres that make a game. Why not give them a taste of real coding with a Do It Yourself computer kit? Well, that is what intended by the Kano DIY computer kit.

When opening the box, they will have all the bits and pieces including buttons and boards ready for building their own computer while a simple storybook will guide them doing it through simple instructions. Do you think it sounds like Lego? Wait, the real fun begins actually after building the computer.

Whether your kid is just testing his hand in coding for the first time or doing it with such kit for some time, he can always learn and enhance skills through steps. He will learn typing code, developing a program by just dragging simple blocks while always being guided by the computer he has built. As he sharpens his skills from drag and drop programming to more articulate code writing, gradually he will learn Python, JavaScript, Unix and lot of other things.

2) Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo

What about giving your little kid a cute little gift in the way of a small and handy robot that can play games and has a personality of its own? That is what packed with Cozmo, an interactive and highly personality-imbued little robot designed to give company to kids. Your little daughter or son is bound to be happy with Cozmo as they have only seen such things in movies.

A robot with a personality really means it should evolve and learn through the day to interactions, right? That is exactly what Cozmo is capable of. More your kids play with it and interact, more it learns and adapt to your kid’s behaviour and preferences. For instance, just at the time your kid is likely to play or look for some enjoyment, Cozmo will come and nudge him. If your little daughter feels a little unhappy or bored Cozmo us always there to surprise her with some funny tricks. Can you really find a better company than this for your loved little one this Christmas? Presumably, no.

3) Verizon GizmoTab

Verizon GizmoTab

Kids like tabs. Just because it gives them lot of creative freedom and it is also because these slightly big screen devices allow them playing games with more gusto than the smaller screens of handhelds. A tablet seems just perfect for all their digital appetites, from playing fun games to doing home tasks or just drawing their heart out. So, it is very likely that you want to gift your kid an educational tablets this Christmas. Thanks to Verizon you have a prolific choice now. It is GizmoTab, a kids-only tablet for all their needs.

Through GizmoTab you can create several profiles allowing usage for all the kids in a family. It allows as much as 20 kids profiles with respective passwords and permissions for each one. Kids from the age of 3 to 8 can play games and access educational apps based on their age and skill level. It comes with 16GB inbuilt storage and to protect it from unexpected fall-off it is covered with the removable bumper.

4) The Boom Kids

The Boom Kids

One of the most lovable objects for any kids is their headphone. There is nothing like a good headphone that allows them to stay tuned to their favourite music and beats all day long. But most headphones used by adults just do not fit the kids just because they lacked certain controls and built material required by them. The Boom Kids, unarguably a kids-only headphone just makes the ideal choice for everything you desired with a headphone designed for your little one.

The Boom Kids has a very solid and sturdy frame which can easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The parents can be delighted knowing that this headphone will not cause any harm to the eardrums of kids as they have an inbuilt parental control to adjust and fix the maximum volume of the headphone. It is cloud controlled and hence comes with an easy to use inbuilt mic and remote as well.

5) Osmo Monster

Osmo Monster

What about gifting your kid an innovative game system that can allow him interacting with physical objects face to face with the iPad? Sounds amazing? Yes, that is what a new game system called Osmo Monster delivers. Let him play Word Game or a game with little blocks that with the help of the iPad app will further break the creative barrier. A rewarding experience is guaranteed every time with each game play.

The Osmo Monster is basically a game system that works with your kids iPad allowing him to interact with the digital world with physical toys, 3D letters and other 3D characters. The package consists of several Osmo apps that you need to download in your iPad and play with the help of a separate camera, a camera stand, and several 3D accessories to play with each app.


It is hard to surmise a few kids-only gadgets as Christmas gift ideas, since there are so many choices out there. But at least, the above-mentioned ones represent the latest high tech ways to amuse kids.