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Top 5 Gadgets that will Change your Life in 2017

Nest Learning Thermostat

Our world is gradually making its way into everything from appliances to smart gadgets, and you will soon be able to manipulate most elements in your house from your mobile device.

This silent revolution has been quietly developing in the background during the past several years. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Tesla and other companies are investing heavily in this field, which covers all sorts of things from household gadgets to cars. The “smart” industry is a huge potential market. That’s the reason why all the big tech companies are investing billions developing technologies and products that are meant to make your home and cities in which we live smarter. Here’s a list of the top 5 gadgets you shouldn’t miss in 2017:

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

The nest is one of the better-known smart thermostats in the market, as the name suggests. It can learn your habits, the way you like the temperature and builds a profile for you which it later uses to manage your home’s central heating. The idea is very simple: smart and able to learn. Over time this will help you to reduce energy usage and save money on energy bills. You can manage everything from the Nest app on your mobile device. Ideal for the energy conscious.

2. Wireless Speakers

wireless speakers gadgets

Stand-alone WiFi speakers enhance your music experience. These speakers are controlled with a phone app. You can listen to your music from any mobile device that is loaded with the app.  The compact design conserves space and offers a classy look to your décor. The sound quality is exemplary rendering a clear high-frequency response. If you love music, wireless speakers will be must-have at your home.

3. Drop Kitchen Scale

Drop Kitchen Scale

Looking to enhance your kitchen in 2017? You are probably thinking about smart ovens and connected coffee machines, but the Drop Kitchen Scale is as worthy of your attention. If you don’t use a kitchen scale yet and are thinking about acquiring one because you would like to eat better and potentially lose some pounds, have a look at the features of the Drop Kitchen Scale.

4. Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

We have just covered the kitchen. Let’s now go to the bathroom: this Bluetooth shower head connects to your mobile device to stream music. The speaker snaps into the shower head with the help of a magnet, so it’s very easy to install and remove when you need to charge it. You can, if you wish, remove the speaker to use it in your bedroom or other rooms.

5. Z-Wave Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Z-Wave Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Z-wave enabled devices can monitor your doors and windows for security purposes. This gadget provides the perfect security for your home and other spaces like your office. It is very cost effective: this security system warns you of any intrusive activity detected. You will be able to easily monitor your doors remotely with the help of your smartphone’s app. It sends a message when any activity is detected, warning you on time. You can also check if all doors are closed from anywhere you are located.