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Top 5 Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – The New Curved Superstar!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Left Handed

Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 Edge recently and certainly it is the best smartphone after a hiatus. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features some of the best new hardware on the market and even has some cool tricks up its sleeves. It also looks ravishingly attractive owing to the fantastic curves on the edges of the screen.

Here are some of the best 5 of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features that are drool-worthy for those who are crazy about the Android smartphone universe. For the rest of them, these are definitely some attributes that will get you out of your shell!

App groups by Company Names

The apps are now grouped in the folder of the company who makes them. For example, Google’s apps are now found in the Google Apps Folder whereas apps made by Microsoft are in the Microsoft apps folder. What’s more, they can be viewed in multi-windows simultaneously and without any confusion. Additionally, the look and feel changes are not entirely cosmetic. Samsung has now incorporated the swipe actions for accessing contacts, notifications and several other features for the edge.

Preset battery saver

For extending battery life for this gadget, one should do the obvious – switch of Wi-fi, Bluetooth, lower the brightness and voila, your battery is extended. But there is more to this fact. Samsung devices now have presets which are specially designed to extend battery life and keep them in optimum condition. In settings, go to battery, and there are two power-saving modes for your phone. The first option disables and minimizes some key features including CPU performance and some other features. But for the times that you are desperate enough to get your phone running when it is out of juice, use the second power saving option – the Ultra power saving mode makes your screen greyscale and even disables antennas when the screen is off. The options are available on the Quick Settings menu too.

Perfect and Handy even for Left-Handed People!

Samsung Galaxy S6 has contacts available with a swipe and notifications appearing at the edge in marquee. All these features are at the right hand of the screen near the curve. But southpaws (left-handed people) can use them easily too. In the settings tab, tap at Edge screen option and set its position which is default at Right Side to Left Side. Now the nifty features at the edge of the screen will be accessible at the left hand side of the screen.  Notifications and night clock will also appear at the left along with other features.

Access to Contacts on the Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - People Edge

The People Edge as it is termed gives access to five favorite contacts when the user swipes from the transparent edge towards the middle of the screen. You can call or message any of the contacts by swiping them again. You can add new contacts to your favorites by tapping the + sign. Tap the gear icon to change settings, edit contacts or delete them. You get missed call notifications or messages in color-coded bars at the edge of the screen in the same color as that of the contact. You can set up missed alerts from contacts. You get a glow on the edge in a wave pattern especially when put the phone face down on the table, and there is a message or call coming from one of your favorite contacts.

New fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Fingerprint

Samsung has done away with the “scanning” fingerprint technology inherent in its Galaxy devices by embedding a touch-based fingerprint reader that would work just like Touch ID. One would be able to use digits to make mobile payments and even get the device unlocked by holding a finger on the home button. The reader is supposed to work better than the old scanning fingerprint technology because of its ease of use and better touch interface.

With the launch of Samsung S6 Edge and the S6 version, the company is enticing the premium buyers by introducing cool features in a sharp metal body and a sleek frame. Within some days, it would be revealed whether the Korean giant has managed to score on sales too.