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Top 5 Dating apps to find a date for Valentine’s Day

Tinder dating app

Love is in the air with Valentine’s week already starting and we have assembled a list of dating apps you need to get your hands on, if you have not found the special one to spend a romantic date with, this Valentine’s Day which falls on Saturday this year and you have all the chances to make it a perfect weekend getaway with that special one. But, the only constraint is finding that special person to go out with. There are too many things you look for in your date and these dating apps will help you filter the best possible dates for you.


There are very few people who are not aware of Tinder. Tinder is like the one stop destination for singles and you must try out Tinder before you plan your Valentine’s day. The Tinder app is the best way to connect with the new people near you which you have no other chance to meet. The method is simple in Tinder. When a profile shows up, you swipe right to like the person and swipe left to pass. If the person you liked, likes you back then there is a match. You can chat or share images with your matches and express yourself. You can share with your friends too.


OkCupid dating app

The name of the app suggests that it will definitely find you the perfect match and it is popularly known as the Google on Online Dating. What else you need for the authentication of OkCupid? The users have all gone gaga over the app which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Signing up with OkCupid is very simple and is done in less than two minutes and the app has an algorithm to find your perfect match. The best thing about OkCupid is that it’s free. Now you can save all those bucks for a perfect Valentine’s Day outing with your special one.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish app

Plenty of Fish, you get to hear these words from committed friends and people with a playboy image who are totally different than those who need dating apps to find a date. Plenty of Fish takes a Chemistry test of the user to begin with and after knowing about the users’ preferences and score, the POF website suggests profiles matching the users’ preferences. Just what the doctor ordered. Right? With this app, you can understand the relationship needs, both physical and emotional to get the right balance and you don’t get stranded in the middle. It has been featured in the top magazines and newspapers around the world for the services they provide and the success of the website speaks for itself.

High There

High There dating app

Many a times pot smokers have a problem finding a date because many people prefer a partner who abstains weed at least and now all you pot smokers have some really good news with this uber cool app called “High There”, a dating app for pot smokers. Many users call this app the Tinder of Weed, but that is just among many other things. Preferences of the users are kept in mind before the app gives any suggestions. Take an example, that if a person prefers vaping and not smoking, then the app will match him/her with people who like vaping. This is a really cool app for people who are always dumped when their date finds out that they smoke pot.


Zoosk dating app

Zoosk has been named as the number 1 dating app for quite some time now. Whether you are in the cosy corner of you home or on your desk at the office, Zoosk can work anywhere. You can search local singles in your area, chat with them and instantly flirt around because they know the intentions and nobody gets offended. Either it works for you or it doesn’t. There is nothing to hide. Based on your preferences and behaviour on the app, you will be paired with like minded individuals who are ready to date someone like you, so it becomes easy to date and the plus point is there are no lengthy questionnaires to fill.

You must use one of these or better use all these apps so that you can carry out a comparison about the which is the best dating app of all times. You can share your experiences in the comments section below.