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Top 5 Chicest Tech Gifts to Buy for your Lady This Holiday Season


The holiday season of the year is just around the corner and planning for buying best gifts for your near and dear ones has already started. In this season of giving you must be wishing to make your lady happy with something that she actually requires or something she aspired to possess for some time, right?

To give your lady a cute surprise this holiday season, you have an array of high tech options and many of them are so expensive that you rather want to shut your eyes from them. Wait a minute, in case you do not know we can suggest you some nice little tech gifts that are light in your pocket.

1. Ringly GO

Is your woman a kind of fitness freak with an eye for a fashionable wearable? Well, instead of going after a pricey wearable you can just buy Ringly Go for her. This is a stylish wearable that comes with a metal bracelet holding a fancy jewel called Aries. It looks classy and is perfectly wearable to wear on all occasions whether with your formal or casual wear.

It works as a fitness tracker allowing you to see your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. It pairs with both iPhone and Android and offers instant alerts with five colored digits along with 4 different patterns for vibration alert. You have two design choices, respectively the blush leather strap accompanied with white stone and black leather with black stone. Priced at around $125 it is still one of the cheapest and chicest fitness wearable options for your stylish woman.

2. HP Sprocket Photo Printer

HP-Sprocket Printer

Many of us just miss those beautiful photo prints we usually used to see in our old day albums. These days, smartphones or digital cameras just transfer all your photos in small SD cards and the fun of viewing photos just as a printed piece of paper is lost. With HP’s Sprocket Photo Printer this is going to be changed. You have a compact and portable photo printer that can instantly print your snaps into beautiful photo prints.

Sized as a deck of playing cards it can bring your woman and the family a world of fun with crisp photo prints. You can connect it to any smartphone device via either Bluetooth or NFC. If the internal battery is down you can charge it with the USB charger. The fun part is the connected app for this printer also allows you tweaking your photo shots with effects and upload them instantly on Facebook or Instagram. Priced at $129 it is not a very expensive gadget either.

3. Everpurse Kate Spade Small Harmony Black Tote

Everpurse Kate Spade Small Harmony Black Tote

Does she love roaming outdoor on a rainy day? Well, even if this is not a concern that makes your lady distaste wearable, she must be happy to keep her smartphone in a very cute handbag that can garner her device as well. While most wearable tech products are least concerned about the fashion, Everpurse Kate Spade is just an innovative handbag to take care of this concern. This beautiful handbag keeps the phone charged with a charging pack inbuilt.

The handbag looks stash and elegant and is just the right thing to accompany a day on all occasions. The best thing is obviously the inbuilt charging mechanism of the bag. While in travel you can keep your smartphone inside and allow it getting charged.

4. QBracelet


QBracelet is a small and cute portable charger that comes with the unique design of a bracelet. A metallic design that gives the appearance of a beautiful bracelet makes it really an awesome wearable product for your wrist. The charger is able to charge your smartphone up to 60% while you are on the go. It is a portable charging solution with the only difference that it comes with a bracelet like the design.

QBracelet comes with several weight and size options ranging from a small (1.23 ounces), medium (1.41 ounces) to a large (1.59 ounces) option. There are five different colors available for this bracelet charger Including Polished Silver, Matte White, Polished Gold, Brushed Black and matter, Black. Coming equipped with a built-in 1160 mAh lithium-ion battery Qbracelet can charge a device up to 60% in just 90 minutes.

5. Sonix Portable Charger

Sonix Portable Charger

If your lady for the most part of her free time remains engaged on the smartphone screen, what she needs most is a cute little charging system that can accompany her in all situations make her free of concerns about depleting battery life. Sonix portable charger is cute, very handy and slim designed portable charging solution.

With a massive 3000 mAh battery it can provide 16 hours of additional battery life and so with this charger accompanying your lady, she can never actually run out of charge. The charger also comes with inbuilt lightning cable and charging cord. It also offers a cute slim design to take along everywhere.

Final Verdict

Obviously, there are plenty more that deserves a place here as chic tech gift for your lady this Christmas. But the above ones seem to address most common aspirations and wishes of ladies.