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Top 5 Breathtaking Games Built With The ARKit Of iOS 11

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The common delight and buzz around AR based apps apart, the mobile game players and game developers feel the most delighted as augmented reality will allow them creating and enjoying the unprecedented gaming experience. Since the coming of iOS 11 with its ARKit, developers jumped on the scene for building highly sophisticated and engaging AR games for various game niches. While building AR games will continue invokiore sophistication and gaming delights with every subsequent game, at present for the would be developers and mobile game enthusiasts the below mentioned AR games can be an eye opener.

AR Runner

Turning out real world atmosphere into gaming environment is one of the key attributes augmented reality did to the mobile games and in the recent past, we have had some phenomenally successful games powered with AR gaming experience like Pokemon Go. AR Runner is just another such game all set to incorporate augmented reality to the delight of the mobile game players. Obviously running with a phone in hand to compete in a race seems a little weird and a smart glass can actually fit better for such gaming experience. But for the sheer brilliance of the concept of racing in the real world with the reality transported to the mobile screen, this game deserves to be in the list of top ARKit games for iOS platform. The game is offered free on the App Store.

Stack AR

Stack AR

Stack is rather a simple game based on the concept of matching blocks. But with the power of augmented reality, it allows you machine the blocks with 3D effect. The 3D effect of the cluster of blocks that seem to slip and move just like the blocks in the real world gives the game a kind of real world feel absent with so many games of similar types. You can even fear the blocks to be fallen all over though by heart you never fail to recognise the experience as digital. The app is offered free on the App Store.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR

My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR

Mobile games built on a fairy tale or stories in children’s books are not uncommon as we have a multitude of such games already on the App Store or app marketplaces of other platforms. But such story is converted into a mobile game with lifelike characters and environment thanks to the augmented reality, it gives more reasons to be delighted than with other games of similar type. My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR is a game based on the story concerning the activities of a caterpillar. Its basically about playing with a cute little caterpillar which moves around the places and just like Pokemon Go you need to get hold of it by moving around places in the real world. Priced at $2.99 on the App Store it is all set to deliver one of the most enticing gaming experience with augmented reality.

Thomas Friends Minis

Thomas Friends Minis

One of the favourite pastimes of little kids is to build objects that their fascinated with. They like building homes, cars, trains and several objects that inspire in them a kind of innocent awe. But when it comes to mobile games, such building manoeuvres are mostly limited to the two dimensional mix and match of parts on the device screen. Thomas Friends Minis offers quite a different building experience in this respect. The kids while playing this game build a train just as with their regular play with certain objects. But here with this game they actually build trains of their choice that exist in real life as well. The bespoke version of their built train actually does exist in the real world. It is a game free for download on the App Store.

Monster Park Dino World


There are not too many AR based mobile apps that have been picked up by the industry stalwarts to explain the new gaming experience ensured with the AR game apps. Apple when showcasing the power of its new AR toolkit for mobile games has been using this app as the credible example of the power of ARKit.

The game itself deserves quite a prominence and frequent mentions as watching a massive 3 dimensional dinosaur moving around the room is quite an enticing experience. It literally gives game players a feeling that they are inside the Jurassic Park itself watching the doings of these huge extinct beasts. Priced at $2.99 on the App Store this game showcases the AR gaming experience to the perfection.

AR games will continue to proliferate and can eventually become the mainstream yardstick of mobile gaming experience. The above mentioned ARKit games allow us a specter of where the AR mobile games are moving forward.