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Top 5 Brainstorming apps you need to start using today

Headspace app

It is Friday and we are back with the top 5 apps of the week, just like every week we have got some really cool brainstorming apps for you guys to try out if you are too worked up this week and need some break to relax. With the increasing use of Technology around, we do try and save everything on our devices like a phone number, a meeting reminder, reminder for laundry, reminder for even eating and drinking on time, reminder to sleep on time. We even require a calculator for simple arithmetic calculations, it is because  we do not stress our minds when we need to and with the right things. So, if you are one of those people, I am sure you are, then these five apps are surely going to boost your brainpower.


This is a unique app and the makers of the app believe that it has the potential to calm your brain with the help of meditation to make you healthy, wealthy and wise. The app will teach you the basic steps of meditation in just 10 minutes per day. I am sure you can spare that much amount of time for your mind. You even get rewarded if you meditate regularly. You can download sessions to use it offline when you are off the internet. Celebrities have used this app too for meditation. Emma Watson on Headspace “ It’s kind of a genius”.


Lumosity app


Lumosity is the perfect app to train your memory and concentration and not only us, there are 60 million people who believe the same just because they feel that the app creates an intensive training program to challenge your brain on various levels. These games are designed by neuroscientists to train memory and are widely used in research and have been imbibed in the studies of top scientists around the world. The Guardian has reviewed the app and says that : “The mini-games are fun rather than dry, making it a daily habit that never feels like a chore.” The most recent update of Luminosity  they have turned the classic n back task into a really challenging task to test your memory in the Memory match. You can download the app here.

Find The Blue Speck

Find The Blue Speck

This game is the brainchild of the youngest developer among the more experienced teams from these five apps and what a commendable job has been done in creating a game as simple, at the same time testing the brain of the user and giving it a spin seems like the guy is a mastermind already. Find The Blue Speck is a cool, addictive game where the sole idea is to find a blue speck, the size of a dot and progress in levels. As you move ahead in the game, the complexity of the game takes a turn and it becomes difficult with each passing level. There is a timer for each level and you are given a particular amount of time to finish the level. To make it easy for you when you are stuck in the game, there is help in the face of a magnifying glass to find the speck. You can download the iOS app here.

Personal Zen

Personal Zen app

There comes a time in every individual’s life when every other thing seems gloomy and you fell that you are stressed and out of place, you need a break or need to change your schedule or just shut the doors sit in silence and do nothing. Personal Zen is for situations like these, clinically proven to reduce stress and that too by playing a fun game. Again developers took help of leading neuroscientists to develop this game to reduce human stress and anxiety. The game is engaging both for adults and kids alike, though the reason to play the game for both would be different. You can download the app here.


Happify app

If someone was to tell you that using Happily would make you sad, would you believe him? Exactly, the name itself makes you happy and there is strictly no sadness when apps like Happily are around. The app development team at Happify Inc. should take a bow in producing this gem go an app. With this app, you will instantly feel better about your life. Happify helps you to disrupt patterns of negative thinking, managing stress effectively and develop important skills to make life more fun. You can download the app here.

So, start using one or two of these apps and feel the difference. We challenge you that these apps will make a huge difference to your life by eradicating anxiety and stress from your life. If you have more such apps, you can mention it in the comments below.