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Top 5 Biometric Headphones You Can Buy

Samsung Gear IconX 2018

There are too many wearable devices out there to measure your heart rate, and though the efficiency and accuracy of many of them are still questionable, they nevertheless represent a trend for our healthy lifestyle. While smart activity and fitness trackers are already popular with a gamut of features, earbuds and earphones tend to be better devices as health and activity tracker because of their accuracy.

The new breed of headphones with smart sensors are more apt to track several aspects of our workout activities and health condition including steps, distance travelled, heart rate and burned calories burned on the go. There are several of them to choose from. But presently we are going to introduce top 5 choices among these biometric headphones.

1. Samsung Gear IconX 2018

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 which is regarded as the company’s competitive reply to the AirPods of rival brand Apple, in many regards deserves to be the most feature-rich and versatile earpod for all activities, music streaming and activity tracking. The device with an inbuilt storage of 4GB space even can allow offline listening when the earpod is not really connected to the device. Music files are easily transferred to the pods from computer or smartphone through Bluetooth.

This is a fully biometric earbud which is capable of tracking all your activities automatically. It can track all sorts of activities that include your steps and running strides, distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate etc. On top of that, the audio coach will give you feedback about your activities in real time.

This smart pod is also capable of working seamlessly with Bixby; the AI-powered smart digital assistant of Samsung. This assistant allows you controlling your music or other earpod output with hands-free voice commands. The battery allows five hours of continuous music playing and as long as seven hours of standalone playback time with a single charge.

2. SMS Audio Biosport

SMS Audio Biosport

It is a biometric headphone behind there is a contribution from tech giants such as Intel. It is one of the most sensitive biometric headphones ever that can detect even the minutest change in the blood flow and corresponding heartbeat. As a biometric earpod, It offers a pretty wide range of features with a small footprint and accurate measures.

Another thing that makes this headphone worth recommending is its small battery pack that does not add to the bulk and weight of the earpod. It does not require any charging and just fills itself up through the sound jack only.

Biosport is also thoroughly water and sweat resistant with an IPX4, and it works fine with most fitness and activity tracking apps in the market.

3. Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

This Jabra Sport headphone edition is a kind of inclusive device with several solutions packed together. Besides a fully efficient biometric heart rate monitor, it provides Jabra’s signature quality audio output and just makes the right company for all workout occasions by being completely sweat and weather proof.

Besides the Gear IconX 2018, it is the only earpod in this list to have the ability to measure the VO2 Max of the runner which is considered as an important measure for all runners. The pod also comes with an accompanying app that allows keeping track of your performance and offers a real-time coach besides helping you control your music. The wireless pod easily sticks to your ear holes and keeps you engaged in your workouts.

4. Bose SoundSport Pulse

Bose SoundSport Pulse

Bose as the audio giant which always leapt to any new technology space with its signature sophistication in design and sound output made its entry into the market of smart heart rate monitors packed within earpods. This one is built to work with an array of fitness tracking apps like Runtastic, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Endomondo, etc. Able to seal the ear hole nicely this pod is designed to deliver optimum audio output.

You also have the Bose Connect app that continues to manage all your connected devices offering real-time heart rate readings right on your device screen. The app syncs with the earpod and inline mic via Bluetooth or NFC allowing you to control tracks and take calls.

As for the battery, this Bose earpod comes with a lithium-ion battery that stays alive for as long as 5 hours with a single charge. This will allow using it for extended hours at the gym or even during a marathon run.

5. Sony Smart-B Trainer

Sony Smart-B Trainer

Sony Smart-B Trainer is a robust and all-rounder fitness trainer that can also be referred as a good music player with 6GB inbuilt storage. With a compact design, it easily takes the ear holes. It offers as much as 6 inbuilt sensors delivering 11 measurements including steps and strides, distance covered, burnt calories, time, speed, pace, pitch, route and altitude.

Obviously, Smart B-Trainer comes with a smartphone app as well allowing you to set your goals and desired performance or just access your real-time heart rate with just a button push. The app also by charting your progress helps you do better over a period of time. As a unique feature, the pod as per your heart rate can select tracks for you as well.